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Enable self service and simplify management of your modern data stack using Unravel

Enable self service and simplify management of your modern data stack using Unravel Data-forward organizations struggle to hire and retain top talent to architect, build, and operate data applications and pipelines required for rapid growth. See how data observability tools enable data teams to more efficiently achieve data performance, cost, and quality SLAs. Learn how innovative companies such as Maersk, HSBC, and FirstRand Bank use Unravel to simplify and accelerate data observability at scale.

What is Augmented DataFinOps?

Collaborate across your data team to optimize performance, control costs, and improve quality Join SanjMo Advisory Services Founder Sanjeev Mohan and Unravel Data VP of Solutions Engineering Chris Santiago to learn how organizations are applying FinOps best practices to improve efficiency for the modern data stack. Data management services are the fastest-growing category of cloud service spending, representing approximately 40% of the total cloud bill. 80% of data management professionals report difficulty accurately forecasting data-related cloud costs.

What is DataOps Observability?

Data teams like yours face new challenges as they manage an increasing variety of data formats, expanding use cases, and as data volumes double every three years. Organizations increasingly depend on new data products to meet their financial objectives. Join SanjMo Advisory Services Co-Founder Sanjeev Mohan and Unravel Data Vice President of Solutions Engineering Chris Santiago to learn.

What's Ahead in Data Management in 2023?

Data management is fundamental to every application. Managing this precious asset is an essential competency in modern businesses of every sort. Innovations in data platforms are being adopted, and data management approaches are evolving rapidly to keep pace. Increasingly, enterprises are converging their data warehouse, data lake, and other data management platforms onto distributed cloud-native infrastructures. As more types of data are consolidated into their platforms, enterprises implement more scalable DataOps pipelines and more comprehensive governance practices to manage it all.

Webinar Recording: Accelerating Cloud Data Modernization

As organizations seek to become more competitive, they are often looking to enrich their data sets for analytics to gain deeper insights. The data used for enrichment may include text data, machine data, image data, geospatial data, and real-time data. This data may be high volume, highly diverse, and disparate in nature. As part of this effort, organizations are moving to cloud data platforms to store and manage this modern data.

Webinar Recording: Powering Modern Applications: Data Management for Speed and Scale

Designed to be fast, scalable, flexible, and user-friendly, modern applications are at the center of the innovation and automation that is transforming companies, industries, and society today. At the same time, modern applications, increasingly built with microservices, also come with requirements that traditional data management approaches fall far short of effectively meeting.

Demo: Unravel Data - Keep Cloud Data Budgets on Track (Automatically)

Data teams need to be able to set cloud data budgets at a specific scope - and know if your various teams or departments are tracking to those budgets. But today, most data teams only know that the budget was overrun after it’s too late. With Unravel, establishing and tracking budgets to prevent overruns is easy.