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Simple, Sustainable, and Secure Storage for Mid-sized Enterprises

The mid-sized enterprise is the fastest-growing market opportunity for data storage. But not just any storage system will do. These days, mid-sized enterprises must handle the complexities of unremitting data growth and distributed infrastructure, meet sustainability goals, manage the diverse storage needs of mission-critical applications, and respond to user requirements. Oh, and they need uninterrupted access to their data no matter what.

Core Infrastructure Requirements for Today's Data Workloads

There's no doubt that, as a technology provider/integrator, you're likely seeing many customers across all segments looking to advanced analytics and artificial intelligence for optimizing their growth. Given the vast volume of data that these innovations consume or create, it's clear to see the importance of being able to offer your customers reliable, secure, sustainable and scalable data infrastructure solutions.

Ensuring Comprehensive Cyber Resilience and Business Continuity

When a data breach occurs, your response is critical. What do you do first? Do you have a plan for communicating with business units, regulators and other concerned parties? The integrity and security of data infrastructure stand as paramount concerns for business leaders across all sectors. As technology evolves and threats become more sophisticated, the pursuit of an unbreakable data infrastructure remains an ongoing challenge.

GenAI: Navigating the Risks That Come with Change

For enterprises, commercial use of AI is still in its early stages, and it’s a case of risk and reward, weighing up both and investigating the best way forward. Of course, there’s much to gain from the use of AI. Already, companies are providing better customer service, parsing complex information through natural language inputs, and generally making workflows faster.

Capturing the opportunity of AI while keeping an eye on sustainability with STaaS

The ever-growing tide of data, fueled by analytics and AI, places a significant strain on data center resources and increases energy consumption. With more stakeholder scrutiny and evolving regulations, such as the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), and U.S. regulations on the horizon, organizations are taking notice now more than ever before. As a result, organizations are prioritizing sustainability in their IT strategies.

Turbocharging Your Business with (Gen)AI

If you were to stop someone walking down the street and ask them how long artificial intelligence, or AI, has been a hot topic, they might say it’s something that’s emerged mostly in recent years. But AI has been around for a long time, with the term first being coined as long ago as 1955. Generative AI however is a different beast, and one that's largely responsible for moving the topic of AI to the tip of everyone’s tongues – from consumers to enterprises alike.