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Cloudera Observability - Financial Governance

Managing and forecasting cluster resource consumption costs is a complex task. Inefficient resource allocations and usage can lead to budget overruns and unexpected expenses. The challenge lies in gaining comprehensive insights into your resource consumption across different regions, departments, and user groups. It's also crucial for accurate financial planning. Cloudera Observability provides powerful financial governance capabilities to tackle these challenges effectively by providing unparalleled insight and control over your resource consumption and costs.

Secure and scalable data lifecycles with RedHat and Cloudera

Firas Yasin, Global Alliance Manager of AI/ML at RedHat, introduces the RedHat and Cloudera partnership. Firas shares that customers are often missing the combination of security, scalability and support when deploying open-source solutions for their end-to-end data lifecycles. In this video, Firas highlights that together with RedHat OpenShift and Cloudera Data Platform, customers can achieve security and scalability through the joint solution, in addition to catalyzing on RedHat and Cloudera’s unrivaled support offerings.

Demystifying Data Strategy with Ehrar Jameel #datastrategy

Join Ehrar Jameel, Head of Data and Analytics, as he demystifies the concept of data strategy in this enlightening snippet from our Art of Data Leadership series. In this segment, Ehrar delves into the fundamental question: What is a data strategy? Ready to delve deeper into the world of data leadership? Click here for the full Art of Data Leadership playlist and gain invaluable insights from Ehrar and other industry experts.

Geodis | Revolutionizing Global Logistics with Data

Explore how Geodis, a global logistics powerhouse, stays ahead of the curve in an ever-changing industry. Witness how they leverage real-time data and innovative solutions from Cloudera to streamline operations, enhance visibility, and exceed customer expectations, propelling their business forward in a world that never stops moving.