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Technology Spotlight: Open Data Lakehouse for Private Cloud

Cloudera emphasizes the importance of trusted data for reliable AI. We've introduced Open Data Lakehouse for private cloud, incorporating Apache Iceberg for enhanced data management and security. This empowers analysts and data scientists with direct access to all data, including real-time streaming. Iceberg's capabilities reduce silos, lower storage costs, and mitigate business risks. We also focus on scalability, introducing features like snapshots and user quotas in Apache Ozone. Cloudera prioritizes enterprise readiness with Zero Downtime Upgrades and broader hardware and software support.

Fine-Tuning a Foundation Model for Multiple Tasks

In this video we discuss the reasons why fine-tuning is needed to create mroe contextual accurate LLMs, and the methods that you can do to accomplish this. We also give a demo of our newest Applied ML Prototype (AMP) which demonstrates how to implement LLM fine-tuning jobs that make use of the QLoRA and Accelerate implementations available in the PEFT open-source library from Huggingface and an example application that swaps the fine-tuned adapters in real time for inference targetting different tasks. Learn more at #ml.

A Hybrid, Open Data Lakehouse That Can Handle it All

Open more possibilities with an open data lakehouse. As the industry’s first open data lakehouse, Cloudera Data Platform delivers scalable performance and efficiency to enable smarter business decisions—paving the safest, fastest path from data to AI. Cloudera, together with Intel and HPE, can power analytics and AI at scale across any CSP or private cloud infrastructure.

Red Hat + Cloudera | A Hybrid Data Platform for Generative AI for FSI

Red Hat and Cloudera have joined forces to enable customers to take advantage of the cloud with full confidence, especially in the financial services industry, where data protection is critical. Red Hat Payment Industry Lead, Ramon Villarreal describes how collaborating with Cloudera provides leading financial services organizations with data resiliency, performance and expedited time to market as they leverage the cloud to move and manipulate massive amounts of data.

Apache Ozone Odyssey | Exploring the Future of Scalable Storage with Apache Ozone.

This collaborative meetup was designed to bring together individuals interested in exploring the basics of Apache Ozone. Expert Ozone developer Nandakumar Vadivelu will guide you through the basics of setting up and configuring Ozone, as well as highlighting its key features and benefits. Begining with an overview of Apache Ozone's fundamentals, diving into its architecture and core components. This session is perfect for those who are new to Ozone or want to explore its potential as a highly scalable and efficient storage solution.

Installing MiNiFi agents has never been so easy!

This video walks you through one of the new features coming with Edge Flow Manager 1.6.0: the one-line installer command. Did you ever think that installing a MiNiFi (C++ or Java) agent was complicated? Did you ever struggle with generating and configuring the certificates for mTLS communication between the agents and Edge Flow Manager?

The Art of Data Leadership | A discussion with Synchrony's Head of Provisioning, Ram Karnati

Did you know there are 1.4 million open tech jobs, but global educational institutions only produce 400,000 qualified individuals annually to fill them? In our third episode of The Art of Data Leadership, Synchrony’s Ram Karnati believes the answer lies with #AI, “Day-to-day coding is going to get easier; AI is going to take care of it. So, the next phase of talent transformation will not be focused on being the best coder out there. People will start to look for generalists who also understand business.”

Breaking the ice around Apache Iceberg to drive next-gen analytics

Watch the Apache Iceberg meetup presented by Cloudera and LinkedIn. Learn how you can improve your BI analytical performance with Iceberg. See how easy it is to adopt Iceberg without any disruption to your business. Learn from LinkedIn how they have deployed DBT, Coral, and Iceberg for boosting SQL Workflows.