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S1.E4: Handling risk as a team with risk-storming | QA Therapy Podcast

Worried that critical issues keep slipping through the cracks and reaching production? Fear not! In this episode, we're diving deep into risk-storming and adopting a risk-based approach in your projects, where testing plays a pivotal role. Today, we're joined by Chris Armstrong, our very own QA Therapist, who brings a wealth of experience to the table. Chris, a respected blogger and podcaster within the testing community, is a familiar face in groups like TestingPeers and 9 out of 10 testers.

S1.E3: How to fit testing into DevOps? | QA Therapy Podcast

If you’re struggling to integrate testing seamlessly into your pipeline, join us in this enlightening episode as we delve into the world of testing within DevOps with our esteemed guest, Lisa Crispin, our very own QA Therapist! Lisa, a prominent figure in the testing community and an avid advocate for Agile and DevOps practices, shares her wealth of knowledge and insights.

S1.E2: Unshifted performance testing | QA Therapy Podcast

Are unexpected performance issues popping up post-launch? Does success bring with it sudden, major performance hurdles? In this exciting episode, we're diving into the world of performance testing with our special guest, Leandro Melendez, also known as Sr. Performo! Leandro, a renowned performance advocate and active member of the testing community, shares his insights and expertise.

S1.E1: Increase quality by investing in visibility | QA Therapy Podcast

Is your development and testing team caught in a cycle of bouncing issues and bugs back and forth like a game of ping-pong? In this inaugural episode, we delve into the critical importance of visibility in your development process and its profound impact on you, your team, and your company.

Webinar: Explore together with the Xray Exploratory App 3

👥 Quality is a team effort. Great software needs testers, developers, and managers working together. But often, we feel like the lone champion of quality on our team.🔎 Join Petruta and José as they showcase the Xray Exploratory App 3 and how it brings the team together into a unified space for exploratory testing.

Combinatorial and model-based testing with Xray Enterprise

🚀 Deliver faster and more reliably than ever before with Xray Enterprise. Xray Test Case Designer will guarantee that 100% of the system interactions are covered in as few tests as possible. Every test you generate with the Test Case Designer is optimized to achieve maximum coverage, allowing teams to achieve greater coverage in fewer overall tests.

How to execute a generic Xray test in the Exploratory App

🚀 The Exploratory App integration with Jira and Xray saves you time from jumping between tabs to manually create defects and attach testing evidence. Watch this video to learn how to run tests from requirements directly in the Xray Exploratory App. 🧭 The Xray Exploratory App (XEA) streamlines the process of exploratory testing by giving you the tools to capture evidence and easily share your insights. XEA eases the process of documentation so you can cover more untested code, discover new testing scenarios, and find hard-to-catch bugs.