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Transforming Enterprise Operations with Gen AI - MLOp Live #29 with McKinsey

In this webinar we discussed the transformative impact of gen AI on enterprise operations, spotlighting advancements across manufacturing, supply chain and procurement. We covered the main gen AI use cases, challenges to be mindful of during implementation and key learnings from client projects; highlighting three main pillars –people, processes and technology.

Improving LLM Accuracy & Performance - MLOps Live #28 with Databricks

Watch session #28 in our MLOps Live Webinar Series featuring Databricks where we discuss improving LLM accuracy & performance. Hear Margaret Amori (Databricks), Vijay Balasubramaniam (Databricks) , and Yaron Haviv (Iguazio) share best practices and pragmatic advice on successfully improving the accuracy and performance of LLMs while mitigating challenges like risks and escalating costs. See real examples including techniques to overcome common challenges using tools such as Databricks Mosaic AI and their new open LLM, DBRX.

LLM Validation & Evaluation MLOps Live #27 with

In this session, Yaron Haviv, CTO Iguazio was joined by Ehud Barnea, PHD, Head of AI at and Guy Lecker ML Engineering Team Lead, Iguazio to discuss how to validate, evaluate and fine tune an LLM effectively. They shared firsthand tips of how to solve the production hurdle of LLM evaluation, improving LLM performance, eliminating risks, along with a live demo of a fashion chatbot that leverages fine-tuning to significantly improve the model responses.

Gen AI for Customer Service Demo

Iguazio would like to introduce two practical demonstrations showcasing our call center analysis tool and our innovative GenAI assistant. These demos illustrate how our GenAI assistant supports call center agents with real-time advice and recommendations during customer calls. This technology aims to improve customer interactions and boost call center efficiency. We're eager to share how our solutions can transform call center operations.

Implementing a Gen AI Smart Call Center Analysis App - MLOps Live #26 with McKinsey

Many enterprises operate expansive call centers, employing thousands of representatives who provide support and consult with clients, often spanning various time zones and languages. However, the successful implementation of a gen AI-driven smart call center analysis applications presents unique challenges such as data privacy controls, potential biases, AI hallucinations, language translation and more.

Nuclio Demo

Nuclio is a high-performance serverless framework focused on data, I/O, and compute intensive workloads. It is well integrated with popular data science tools, such as Jupyter and Kubeflow; supports a variety of data and streaming sources; and supports execution over CPUs and GPUs. The Nuclio project began in 2017 and is constantly and rapidly evolving; many start-ups and enterprises are now using Nuclio in production. In this video, Tomer takes you through a quick demo of Nuclio, triggering functions both from the UI and the CLI.

GenAI for Financial Services - MLOps Live #25 with McKinsey

Generative AI has sparked the imagination with the explosion of tools like ChatGPT, CodePilot and others, highlighting the importance of LLMs as the basis for modern AI applications. However, implementing GenAI in the enterprise is challenging, and it becomes even more difficult for banks, insurance companies, and other financial services companies. Many Financial Service companies are struggling and end up missing out on the great value of GenAI and the competitive edge it can provide.

MLOps Live #24: How to Build an Automated AI ChatBot

In this MLOps Live session, Gennaro, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Sense, describe how he and his team built and perfected the Sense chatbot, what their ML pipeline looks like behind the scenes, and how they have overcome complex challenges such as building a complex natural language processing ( NLP) serving pipeline with custom model ensembles, tracking question-to-question context, and enabling candidate matching.

MLOps for Gen AI - MLOPs Live #23 - QuantumBlack AI by McKinsey

In this session, Yaron Haviv, CTO Iguazio was joined by Nayur Khan, Partner, QuantumBlack, AI by @McKinsey and Mara Pometti​, Associate Design Director, McKinsey & Company to discuss how enterprises can adopt GenAI now in live business applications. There was a very engaging Q&A session with many relatable questions asked.