Bugsnag Speeds Up Software Deployment with First-of-its-Kind Features Dashboard

Bugsnag Speeds Up Software Deployment with First-of-its-Kind Features Dashboard

SOMERVILLE, Mass. and SAN FRANCISCO – Feb. 9, 2022 – SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and quality tools, launched the Features Dashboard within Bugsnag, the company's application stability management solution. The new decision-support tool gives developers the real-time visibility and actionable insights they need to speed up software innovation. With the new dashboard, Bugsnag becomes the only platform to offer advanced observability and insights in making data-driven decisions throughout the progressive delivery process. Today, development teams practicing progressive delivery are accelerating releases by introducing code changes supported through feature flags and experiments.

"Developers are under tremendous pressure to roll out new features and releases quickly and are turning to progressive development," said Duncan Hewett, Vice President of the Bugsnag Product Group at SmartBear. "However, software quality concerns often hold them back. The new Features Dashboard answers their needs by enabling developers to make data-driven decisions throughout progressive delivery based on user experience while enhancing software quality. Essentially, it gives them the confidence to respond to consumer and market demands more quickly."

The Features Dashboard enhances support for progressive delivery, the modern software development lifecycle that builds upon the core principles of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). As features are rolled out, developers can gain real-time insights into any errors impacting the experience of the users with the feature. It keeps user experience at the front and center of the software delivery lifecycle — from pre-production to production — and helps developers decide when to roll out new features based on the software quality.

The Features Dashboard offers three distinct developer advantages:

  • Observability: The real-time visibility and alerts keep developers informed about errors or error activities created by feature flags and experiments and how they impact user experience.
  • Data-driven decisions: Developers can use data-driven insights to decide whether they should roll back the feature, release to more users, or pick the most stable variant of an experiment.
  • Confidence: By quickly discovering and rooting out issues in feature flags and experiments, developers can be more confident about speeding up delivery and minimizing risks.

The Features Dashboard is available now on the Bugsnag platform. Existing Bugsnag users can configure the Bugsnag library in their application to monitor errors as they roll out features and run experiments. 

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