CodeZero Launches Surf, a New Developer Tool for Observability in Pre-production Kubernetes Environments

CodeZero Launches Surf, a New Developer Tool for Observability in Pre-production Kubernetes Environments

Vancouver, May 16th, 2022 - CodeZero, an innovator of modern developer tools for the Kubernetes Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) announces the general availability of Surf, a developer tool that provides real-time, collaborative, rich-querying capability for pre-production Kubernetes environments. Surf allows developers and teams to de-mystify Kubernetes artifacts, provides powerful troubleshooting capabilities and improves collaboration.

"Developers have been neglected when it comes to Kubernetes observability," said Lawrie Gaffney, VP of Product Operations at CodeZero. "They have to mix and match multiple tools that were designed for DevOps, Operations and Site Reliability Engineers, correlate the data, then try to make sense of it. With Surf, developers have a powerful querying tool that shows them only what they want to see, provides real-time status and they can quickly share what they're looking at with their colleagues".

Surf is free for anyone to use at, and the source code is available to the community to add and share their own ideas. Features include:

Rich, simple querying

Surf provides a developer-first interface combining rich but simple querying and understandable results. The query interface supports arbitrary fields, wildcard searches and easy conjunctions.

Hot results

Developers can see results change in real-time as other factors impact the environment. Color coding makes it easy to see warnings or errors.

Extensible UI

Developers can use keyboard first navigation in a browser app. Plugins will allow users to look at resource specific details, like pod logs and node health. Developers can also use other CodeZero actions like Teleport and Intercept based on the result set.


Users can share queries and real-time results with colleagues by simply pasting bookmarks into Slack or email.

About CodeZero 

CodeZero develops tools for the Kubernetes Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) enabling seamless real-time collaboration across development teams. CodeZero software has no local dependencies and integrates into any existing environment, saving developers time while providing a better overall experience. Developers can reshape their development environment with a mix of local and in-cluster services without having to deploy each time. Organizations that use CodeZero eliminate environment drift, scalability challenges and overtooling.

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Lawrie Gaffney
VP Product Operations