SmartBear Expands API Design Options for Developers

SmartBear Expands API Design Options for Developers

Somerville — November 10, 2020 — SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and quality tools, has released the SwaggerHub extension for Visual Studio (VS) Code, expanding the breadth of development options for API designers. The new extension expands the growing list of options for API designers offered with SwaggerHub, including the SwaggerHub Code Editor, SwaggerHub Visual Editor, and SwaggerHub CLI Tool.

“We have made it our mission to meet development teams where they’re at and to provide easy integrations to the ecosystem of tools and environments in which they are already working,” said Christian Wright, President and Chief Product Officer of SmartBear. “The API development lifecycle has become such a critical and fast-growing part of software development, and our extension for VS Code is one way we’re making it easier to seamlessly match developer preferences and allow them to focus on delivering high quality software faster.”

VS Code is a free, lightweight source code editor from Microsoft used for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. In the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019, VS Code was selected as the most popular development environment by more than 90,000 developers surveyed. Part of the popularity of the product is its ability to run on any desktop, its built-in support for JavaScript and Node.js, and its rich ecosystem of extensions to add new features.

“Many of our developers prefer to work in VS Code for its flexibility and ease of use,” said Alex Savage, Head of Platforms for Advanced, a leading UK-based provider of software and services. “With the SwaggerHub extension for VS Code, we can see all our API definitions in one place, plus have the ability to push and pull API definitions to SwaggerHub. This is absolutely an essential plug-in for anyone doing API design work.”

SwaggerHub for VS Code is an example of how VS Code can be extended to include new capabilities. Within the VS Code environment, API designers can seamlessly interact with the SwaggerHub platform to create, organize, and document APIs. Key features include:

  • View and Navigate definitions from your SwaggerHub Organizations
  • Edit and Save API definitions via VS Code to SwaggerHub
  • Create new APIs or domains from scratch or using a template
  • Delete API definitions by version or the entire definition 
  • Manage new versions of your API definitions
  • Auto mocking to allow for quick API definition testing
  • Validate your APIs against the OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification

To learn more about the new SwaggerHub for VS Code extension, attend the upcoming webinar on Thursday, November 19 at 9:00 a.m. EST. Register at:

SwaggerHub customers can download a copy of SwaggerHub for VS Code at no charge in the Visual Studio Marketplace.

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