SmartBear Introduces HaloAI, Transforming Software Development and Test Productivity with AI Technology

SmartBear Introduces HaloAI, Transforming Software Development and Test Productivity with AI Technology

SOMERVILLE, Mass. — May 20, 2024SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and visibility solutions, introduces SmartBear HaloAI, trusted AI-driven technology deploying across its entire product portfolio. HaloAI harnesses pioneering GenAI technology to tackle complex, real-world problems, enhancing software development and testing by automating repetitive, error-prone tasks that often require manual intervention due to their complexity. Rooted in transparency and trust, HaloAI is more than another coding assistant; it accelerates development, enhances team productivity, and delivers innovative business outcomes, while addressing existing and future talent gaps.

“We are thrilled to bring HaloAI to our customers, embodying our bold promise to solve the most daunting development challenges with a smart blend of cutting-edge AI and human ingenuity, empowering development and testing teams to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and innovation,” said Frank Roe, CEO of SmartBear. “HaloAI isn’t just AI; it’s a catalyst for smarter work. With this cutting-edge AI technology, we're not just enhancing the development experience and making life easier for teams; we're transforming it, amplifying creative and strategic abilities and enabling our customers to stay ahead in an ever-evolving tech landscape.”

HaloAI is a game-changer for teams grappling with a shortage of skilled development and test resources. With 40 million technical jobs currently unfilled and the U.S. Labor Department predicting the shortage to reach 85.2 million by 2030, HaloAI empowers developers and testers to do more with less.

In a recent customer survey conducted by SmartBear, 86% of respondents, including developers, testers, and those in director/VP level positions, anticipate that AI will lead to an increased demand for QA and testing.

“When it comes to AI, we’re incredibly focused on customer experience,” said William Turner, VP of Quality and Support at Aras Corporation. “We want to give teams the ability to pivot what they’re doing and keep up with the fact that they’re going to be doing things much faster than they are today. We’re always looking for ways to increase our operational efficiency. That doesn’t mean replacing people with AI. It means enabling people to do their best work, and I see SmartBear as sharing that belief.”

HaloAI is already delivering value through its recently launched beta program. In the first two weeks of using the AI-driven tech with SmartBear’s Zephyr Scale, over 1,200 testers collectively saved thousands of hours by automating test cases without having to write and debug the scripts previously required for any test automation. Further, a QA team with 500 manual tests averaging five minutes per test were able to automate half of those tests to perform them in five seconds, saving 20 hours of testing per regression cycle.

IDC DevOps survey research shows a majority of respondents using AI and GenAI to augment software testing,” said Melinda Ballou, Research Director for Agile ALM, Quality, and Portfolio Strategies at IDC. “As code assistants permeate software development increasingly, effective software quality and testing strategies are vital to help ensure the quality of code which is being created more quickly and with less human oversight. To improve efficiency, cited areas of focus with AI and GenAI as the technology evolves include test prioritization, identifying root cause of failed tests and code, test case creation, self-healing, test case maintenance, and test process improvement insights.”

HaloAI is the latest milestone in SmartBear’s AI strategy. Last year, the company announced AI-powered automated regression testing that allows developers to easily catch visual defects through integration with UI test automation. SmartBear was the first to empower testers with GenAI-powered automation in Jira-native test management, made possible by the acquisition of Reflect, an advanced AI-powered provider, earlier this year. The innovations already underway across SmartBear's portfolio will converge under the SmartBear HaloAI name.

To simplify the developer experience, SmartBear is connecting teams’ favorite tools and functionality in intuitive solution hubs, featuring HaloAI. This combination delivers visibility for teams to confidently build, test, release, and monitor software that powers great user experiences.

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