Top 6 Reasons to Modernize Legacy Messaging Infrastructure

Top 6 Reasons to Modernize Legacy Messaging Infrastructure

Sep 27, 2023

Traditional messaging middleware like Message Queues (MQs), Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs), and Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools have been widely used for decades to handle message distribution and inter-service communication across distributed applications. However, they can no longer keep up with the needs of modern applications across hybrid and multi cloud environments for asynchronicity, heterogeneous datasets and high volume throughput.

This whitepaper presents the challenges of traditional messaging middleware — lack of a common way to share data easily which hinders innovation, low fault tolerance at scale causing performance bottlenecks, ephemeral persistence limiting data usage for analytics, slow consumers degrading system performance, lack of data enrichment for real-time use cases and soaring technical debt and operational costs — and the solution: data in motion with Confluent built on a cloud native Apache Kafka® service.

You’ll learn the specifics of how to:

  • Modernize your messaging workloads at your own pace, to move beyond queues and pub/sub.
  • Simplify and fully decouple systems within your messaging and integration infrastructure.
  • Free up developer teams to build new real-time applications with stream processing within days.
  • Provide a persistent system of record for new applications and analytics.
  • Deliver a fault-tolerant platform with the highest levels of availability and reliability.
  • Eliminate slowdown and outages due to slow consumers.
  • Reduce your technical debt and TCO with a future-proof cloud first architecture.

If moving on from legacy messaging middleware is at all appealing to you, download this white paper and learn more.