All about test automation: best practices with Angie Jones | Mobile DevOps is a Thing! Podcast

All about test automation: best practices with Angie Jones | Mobile DevOps is a Thing! Podcast

Jun 29, 2022

Angie Jones worked as Head of Developer Relations at Applitools, a new generation test automation platform powered by visual AI. On top of that, she is the founder and Executive Director of Test Automation University. She’s previously worked as a Senior Software Developer at Twitter and regularly gives talks about Javascript, software development, and testing best practices. To learn more about her work and upcoming projects, you can follow Angie's Twitter profile or check out her courses at Test Automation University. →

We discussed the must-have practices engineering teams should implement into their processes, along with the different challenges that can arise in software testing and the tips & tricks that help solve them. We also looked at Angie’s test automation maturity framework that helps teams measure how advanced they are and enables them to reach a higher level in DevTestOps.

Some of the most interesting questions we covered in this episode:

— What role will AI play in software testing and how will it impact the day-to-day work of developers?
— Which tests should be automated and which ones are still better done manually?
— What is your opinion about the future of codeless testing tools and their effects on the test engineers' role?
— How to scale and look after an ever-growing test suite?
— How to choose between native and cross-platform mobile test automation frameworks?

Thank you for watching! Please feel free to comment your thoughts below.

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