The benefits of using Bitrise

The benefits of using Bitrise

Sep 8, 2021

Let us take you through some of the main benefits mobile engineering teams experience on Bitrise! 🚀

Teams use Bitrise to adopt a 7-day release cadence, to speed up their CI builds by up to 60%, save thousands of developer hours, and recover from bad releases as fast as possible.

Bitrise enables developers to build - and operate - the best mobile apps possible. We do this by operating the world's most popular mobile continuous integration and delivery platform, but also by investing heavily into integrating with the tools, products and processes app developers know and love. Bitrise's Step Library currently counts over 300 integrations and is growing rapidly. Today, many of the world's most demanding app-development processes are being automated through Bitrise, including those at Careem, Virgin Mobile, Buffer, Just Eat, and tens of thousands of others.

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