A better way to import files and look at Linx

A better way to import files and look at Linx

Jul 15, 2022

Building a file importer is not hard, but what if you can do it in an extremely short time. In this video, we build a file importer that reads a CSV file and makes the data available via REST API using the new Linx designer. Linx is a low-code development tool built for developers.

For further reading please see our blog post: https://linx.software/building-a-file-reader/
You can download the solution here: https://github.com/linx-software/HandsOnLinx6-FileImporter

Linx is a general-purpose platform that has no limitations on the technology it can connect to and uses visual abstractions of programming concepts to make building powerful and complex logic easy and maintainable.


00:00 A look at the Linx Designer

01:07 What we will be building

01:29 Initial setup

02:31 Building the file read process

05:41 Building the REST API

08:29 Testing it all together

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