Bitrise for Indie Developers | A walkthrough by Kevin Toms

Bitrise for Indie Developers | A walkthrough by Kevin Toms

Jun 8, 2021

If you are an indie developer working on mobile apps, you have plenty of challenges to look out for on top of creating a great app. Bitrise can help with these and other challenges through the Bitrise CI/CD cloud-based platform and its integrations with other systems and tools. Kevin Toms, Developer Advocate is here to guide you through the whole process of using Bitrise if you are an indie developer.

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0:00 - Introduction by Kevin Toms, Bitrise Developer Advocate
01:15 - Walkthrough of adding an app to Bitrise CI/CD
04:36 - Viewing the running build
05:05 - The Workflow run by the build
05:15 - Workflow steps described
07:15 - Code signing, secrets, triggers, and more
08:25 - The Bitrise YAML
08:45 - Examining the completed build
08:53 - Bitrise Add-ons, Trace, Test Reports
09:30 - Examining the build log
09:58 - Viewing Test Reports
10:28 - Integrations -the 300+ Bitrise Steps: an overview

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