The Business Case for Low-code

The Business Case for Low-code

Sep 27, 2021

Is attempting to solve lots of problems at once using a single platform considered expensive or cheap? It depends, of course, on the platform, the fit to your needs, and how you make use of it. In the current environment where the landscape of apps is growing in every arena, the challenge is to figure out how to create as many apps as possible that can be easily adapted and maintained. Low-code application platforms are claiming to be a solution.

These platforms tend to require some coding but help speed app building by making it faster and easier to assemble and reuse components.

This video covers

  • Off the shelf vs in-house development
  • Code vs low-code
  • Programming concepts vs. business use case

Part 2 of 4 of a webinar hosted by Linx and the University of Leicester.

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