Comprehending ClearML and MLOps - Enabling the New A-Z (ODSC East '21)

Comprehending ClearML and MLOps - Enabling the New A-Z (ODSC East '21)

Jun 22, 2021


ClearML is an industry leading MLOps suite, fully open source and free in the best sense.

Designed to ease the start, running and management of experiments and orchestration for every day practitioners, we will also see how it provides a clear path to deployment. Starting with a high level overview of the parts built into ClearML, we will then journey into what is and also, importantly, what is not part of ClearML's mandate. Along the way we will demonstrate how-to integrate into your PyTorch code, as well as the capabilities of reporting and possible workflows that could be made easier by pipeline usage.


Stef has over 25 years of commercial experience in Computing, with half in Financial, and the other half with Startups. Starting out in what would now be called Software Development, going through database admin, network operations, and various other roles all the way to management, he has migrated in the past six years to specialising in NLP. Currently he has been helping ClearML with talking to end users, trying to improve both the user experience as well as corresponding requests back to the developers.