Context Driven Testing: What, Why, and How | Scaffolding Framework | Acsah Mathew | #softwaretesting

Context Driven Testing: What, Why, and How | Scaffolding Framework | Acsah Mathew | #softwaretesting

In this enlightening video, Acsah Mathew dives into the world of context-driven testing, offering a comprehensive understanding of its principles and practical implementation. Acsah explains the "what" and "why" of context-driven testing, emphasizing its relevance in today's dynamic software testing landscape. With clarity and depth, Acsah shares insights on how to implement context-driven testing, providing step-by-step guidance and best practices. Additionally, she explores the concept of a "scaffolding framework" and its role in enhancing testing effectiveness.

Whether you're a seasoned tester, a quality assurance professional, or someone interested in advanced testing methodologies, this video equips you with the knowledge and strategies to implement context-driven testing successfully.

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About Speaker:
Acsah is an experienced Software Test Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in fast fast-paced environment. She is ISTQB certified and skilled in conducting functional and non-functional testing, and test case preparation for manual and automation regression suites.

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Concepts Covered:

00:00-02:38 - Introduction

02:39 - What is Context-Driven Testing?

03:28 - Why Context-Driven Testing?

05:40 - How To implement Context-Driven Testing?

06:33 - What is Scaffolding?

07:33 - 4 Quadrants in Scaffolding Framework

12:33 - Implementing Scaffolding Framework

14:37 - Context Understanding Part of Scaffolding

17:50 - Test Charters in Scaffolding Framework

19:43 - Test Design

22:35 - Epic Level Test Design

25:20 - Why Scaffolding

28:43 - Tools Used in the Process

28:59 - Tools Used for Capturing ET Test Session Notes

30:13 - What is Test Charter?

32:40 - Is Scaffolding part of Regression Coverage?

33:31 - How much Time does Scaffolding take?

34:52 - Challenges faced with Context-Driven Testing?

35:37 - How to Introduce Scaffolding Framework to Stakeholders?

36:55 - Challenges Faced when Implementing Scaffolding