Continuous Testing With the Power of Perforce

Continuous Testing With the Power of Perforce

Oct 26, 2021

What is continuous testing like with the Power of Perforce? Find out!

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In a world where customers review your software as quickly as you can release it, organizations have to see quality differently if they want to outperform the market.

Testing isn’t overhead — it’s a value add. It’s not just about driving risk down. It’s about driving revenue up.

Teams that achieve continuous testing are able to deliver the best products fastest by testing early, testing often, and testing continuously.

With Perforce’s world-class portfolio of application quality solutions, combined with our award-winning support and success teams, organizations are achieving continuous testing at scale.

They are reducing risk and costs with the right mix of coverage, across browsers as well as real and virtual devices.

They are scaling efficiently by automating over 90% of their test cases — even the most challenging scenarios.

They are making intelligent decisions — and quickly — with AI-driven insights.

Finally, they are accelerating quality by shifting left and right and incorporating testing into the CI/CD pipeline.

With the Power of Perforce, it’s never been easier to achieve continuous testing, elevate application quality, and deliver innovation to market.