Deep Dive: Introducing Trace by Bitrise

Deep Dive: Introducing Trace by Bitrise

Jun 17, 2020

We will take a deep dive on Trace, the new application performance monitoring (APM) solution we are building here at Bitrise. Trace is monitoring made for mobile, helping you catch bugs before they reach your users. We aim to give you the full context of any problems so that you can assess, reproduce, and fix them as quickly as possible. Colin Hemmings is a Product Manager at Bitrise, with nearly a decade of experience building monitoring solutions for mobile and server applications.

We will cover critical components of monitoring:

  • Detect the problem: Know about issues before your users report them.
  • Assess the impact: Focus on resolving the issues that are most impactful to your users.
  • Trace the cause: Spend less time trying to reproduce issues.
  • Walking through the initial Trace offering and how we solve the APM solution uniquely for mobile product teams, before covering the vision for Trace.


  • Crashes and their causes
  • Why performance is critical to user experience
  • Find performance problems in a sea of devices>‎