The Future of Testing As We Know It! Webdriver BiDi

The Future of Testing As We Know It! Webdriver BiDi

Welcome to Test Case Scenario! In this episode, hosts Jason Baum and Evelyn Coleman, our guest Titus Fortner, Senior Developer Experience Engineer at Sauce Labs delve into the future of testing and more importantly, WebDriver BiDi - the so-called “future” of cross-browser automation.

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1:09 - What is WebDriver BiDi?

4:12 - What Google’s AI says about WebDriver BiDi

5:16 - How Bard’s definition gets it wrong

7:00 - What took so long for BiDi to get here?

11:00 - Web BiDi meeting in Berlin on how to work together

12:08 - Challenges for using BiDi

15:10 - What this means for web browsers

17:54 - What this means for WebDriver Classic

20:56 - Tips for budding testers

23:44 - Future of BiDi specification