How to gather evidence using the Xray Exploratory App

How to gather evidence using the Xray Exploratory App

Sep 4, 2023

✅ Discover how the Xray Exploratory App helps you to quickly record your exploratory testing session without disrupting your work.

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🧭The Xray Exploratory App (XEA) streamlines the process of exploratory testing by giving you the tools to capture evidence and easily share your insights. XEA eases the process of documentation so you can cover more untested code, discover new testing scenarios, and find hard-to-catch bugs.

  • Test web, mobile, and desktop apps
  • Record video, audio, and screenshots & make annotations
  • Use as a standalone desktop app or integrate with Xray and Jira
  • Execute manual Xray tests
  • Export reports in PDF & attach evidence to a test run
  • Set a timed test charter
  • Works on Windows and Mac

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