How to get started with chaos engineering (k6 Office Hours)

How to get started with chaos engineering (k6 Office Hours)

May 1, 2021

Chaos engineering and performance testing ultimately have the same goal: improving software reliability. But chaos engineering hasn't really been picked up by many testers yet. Nicole shares her experiences in running her first chaos experiments using k6 and New Relic.

k6 Office Hours is a weekly livestream hosted by Nicole van der Hoeven and Simon Aronsson to talk about performance and reliability testing, best practices, and all things k6.

Github repo with Nicole's app + script:
Daniel González Lopes's resources for chaos engineering:
Using xk6 to create custom k6 binaries:
Simme's xk6-chaos extension for k6:
New Relic:

0:00 Intro
0:33 Bintray sunsetted - update your CI jobs!
1:34 New k6 Ecosystem Portal
5:10 k6 Partner Orb for CircleCI
8:00 Chaos engineering for testers
11:17 The application: Poké API + setup
18:15 Chaos experiments with k6, xk6-chaos, and New Relic
39:16 Observability with New Relic
45:00 Next steps after chaos experiments
49:56 Other tools for chaos experimentation

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