How Testers and QAs Evolved Over The Time | History and Future of Testing | Leonardo Melendez

How Testers and QAs Evolved Over The Time | History and Future of Testing | Leonardo Melendez

Are you ready to unleash your inner mutant? In this video, you will discover how to evolve your testing and QA skills to survive and thrive in the fast-changing world of software development. You will learn how to master new superpowers such as service bending, API wielding, monitoring telekinesis, cloud levitation, end user mind reading, and more! Don't let the sprint asteroids, tight deadlines, huge automations, outdated tools, and divided teams stop you from delivering quality software. Join us and become a mutant QA engineer today!

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Timestamps -

00:00 - Trailer

01:09 - Introduction

05:58 - Old QA Villain - Old Challenges

07:55 - Testers were bound to Weird Schedules

12:17 - Automating Was a Challenge

13:40 - Old Tools Testers Had To Use

14:50 - How Things are Changing & Challenges Faced

15:26 - Agile Methodologies As New Challenge

16:22 - Continuous releases and Changes as a Challenge

18:48 - Cloud as a Challenge

20:12 - Open Source Centers As a New Challenge

21:42 - IoT, Containers, CICD as New Challenge

23:40 - AI as a New Challenge

24:01 - How Do We Evolve - What is Needed To Fight For Quality

25:47 - Share Knowledge to ensure Quality

26:23 - Collaborate with Others and Switch Roles to Learn

27:20 - Choose Your Tools Wisely - Use As Many As Needed

28:27 - Embrace the Change

29:40 - What are the main Goals of Mutation Testing

31:32 - How Performance Testing/ Engineering will Change in Coming Years

33:26 - Important Skills For Testing in Kubkernetes / Microservices

About Speaker Leandro Melendez, DevRel Performance Advocate at k6

Leandro Melendez is an avid performance test manager and consultant, podcast host on performance, presenter at testing conferences and many others. Has almost 20 years of experience on the IT business ranging from Developer, DBA, Project Manager and others.
The last 10 years he has been working on the QA area, especifically on the Performance and Load testing area using tools as WinRunner, LoadRunner, JMeter, HPDiagnostics, NeoLoad, AppDyn, Dynatrace and many others.

Has served multiple S&P500 customers all over the USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Australia. He writes a performance testing blog called SeñorPerformo ( and cooperates with the PerfBytes team in producing more online material for performance and agile testers. He hosts the PerfBytes podcast spanish version.

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