Impact of AI on #SoftwareTesting: Are Testers Ready? | #QonfX 2024

Impact of AI on #SoftwareTesting: Are Testers Ready? | #QonfX 2024

Join industry experts Rahul Verma, Navin Nair, Nagabhushan Ramappa, and our amazing host Balaji Ponnada in an insightful panel discussion on "AI's Impact on Testing, Tester Roles, and Tester Readiness." In this session, the panelists discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized software testing, sharing the complexities and opportunities of AI-driven testing environments. Through real-world examples and interactive discussion, they explore the changing role of testers in the AI era and provide valuable insights into the future of software testing.

This engaging conversation addresses questions about the areas where AI is already being utilized in testing and whether AI poses a threat to testers. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of the future of software testing in the age of AI.

This video is of one of the sessions presented at #QonfX - Embracing The Future of #Testing Conference, 2024.

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About Nagabhushan Ramappa:
Nagabhushan is continuing the journey of building top-notch testing tools that helped Hotstar to sustain 25+ million concurrency. Currently, Working as a Head of Product Reliability at Jio Fynd Reliance Retail. Has worked in Companies like TesThING Technologies, Hotstar, and many more.

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About Rahul Verma:
Rahul is a Consulting Tester and Coach with an experience of 20+ years of experiments. He works with Trendig, a German company specializing in this space, and is also known to be the force behind the renowned Agile Testing Days conference. He has presented, conducted workshops, and published articles on a wide range of subjects related to Quality in various conferences and forums, internationally. As a coach, he has trained hundreds of professionals on Quality from a pluralistic standpoint.

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About Navin Nair:
Navin is an experienced technologist with primary focus on building business-relevant digital products and solutions. He brings with him more than two decades of experience as a developer, architect, engineering/innovation lead, technical program manager, practice lead, etc. He is passionate about building scalable distributed systems leveraging cloud, data, IoT, wearables, mobile tech, AI/ML, and partnering with customers on their digital journeys as they scale their tech to support their business. In Thoughtworks, Navin is a Market Technology Partner responsible for technology delivery.

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About Balaji Ponnada:
Balaji holds the position of Head of the Phygital (IoT) Testing CoE at Qualitest and has been a professional in software testing for 17 years. Balaji is currently leading research and development in four key areas: Consumer Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, Automotive (Infotainment & Connected Cars) and Internet of Medical Devices. He is an expert in setting up test strategies for devices that use protocols such as MQTT, Bluetooth, BLE, Zigbee, Cellular, and WiFi. In addition to his proficiency in testing methodologies and tools, Balaji also is an expert consultant and helps clients achieve their quality assurance goals.

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