IT vs Shadow IT - Between 2 bits ep. 01

IT vs Shadow IT - Between 2 bits ep. 01

May 18, 2022

Just how big of a deal is shadow IT, really? Will downloading that piece of data integration software that’s not been approved by IT provide a path to faster, better data analytics, or bring the whole company crashing down in a storm of security and regulatory noncompliance challenges?

In this week’s episode, join our hosts for a discussion about all things shadow IT: why it happens, what can make it dangerous, why some think it’s necessary, and above all, is there a solution that can make everybody happy?

“I think the fine line would be what you’re working on, because all the nightmare scenarios we’ve stated had customer data. The moment you involve some sort of company data or customer data – this is when things start to go bad, because there’s no control over who can access this information, where it’s going, how it’s ending up – maybe someone is sending this information across the world. It’s out of the control of central IT.”

“The risk factor for human behavior is immeasurable. When we get to what IT knows and what they control, a lot of these things are much smaller in scope than people sending emails through their personal account with incredibly sensitive information.

“You can’t defend against all bad actors. There will be people that will use all sorts of software which is safe for people to use, that’s safe for IT teams to have out there, but can still potentially be used by a bad actor to cause problems.”

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