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Snowflake's Annual Modern Marketing Data Stack Report: Being Named a "Leader in Integration and Modeling" is Just the Beginning

With marketing analytics now influencing more than half (53%) of marketing decisions, there’s finally some good data around using data in marketing. In fact, Gartner found that when analytics influences less than 50% of decisions, organizations find it challenging to prove the value of their marketing.

New Forrester Consulting study: Talend brought 355% return on investment in three years

What sets successful organizations apart from others today? They extract value from their data, turning it into an asset that helps drive the business forward. To get to that point, an organization — of any size — needs real-time, consistent, connected, and trusted data to support critical business operations and insights. However, many stumbling blocks can cause organizations to fail when executing their data strategy.

Data warehouse modernization: Diving deeper into Qlik Talend data integration and quality scenarios

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and witness the grand spectacle of the digital age! In a world where data is king, where information reigns supreme, and cloud data warehouses are multiplying like rabbits, there's a technology initiative like no other— data warehouse modernization! This article is the second in the series "Seven Data Integration and Quality Scenarios for Qlik and Talend," and answers everything you wanted to know about data warehouse modernization but were afraid to ask.

Database sync: Diving deeper into Qlik and Talend data integration and quality scenarios

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post summarizing "Seven Data Integration and Quality Scenarios for Qlik | Talend," but ever since, folks have asked if I could explain a little deeper. I'm always happy to oblige my reader (you know who you are), so let's start with the first scenario: Database-to-database synchronization.

When and why to trust SCIM, SSO JIT, and SSO Role Mapping

Cloud-first organizations now outnumber on-premises ones by 3:1. Despite broad adoption, uncertainty about security still chains some organizations to an on-premises solution. If security and compliance concerns have blocked efforts to move your organization to the cloud, it’s time to reevaluate. Let’s examine modern cloud security by looking into the trusted user management capabilities in the latest release of Talend Cloud.