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Fix the broken promise of Customer 360 initiatives

Investment in Customer 360 is supposed to lead to truly transformative results, from marketing and sales efficiency to product innovation. Too often, the reality isn’t delivering on that promise. Despite significant and increasing spend on Customer 360 initiatives, 93% of consumers still receive irrelevant marketing communications. 66% of customers are unhappy with their experiences. The promise of customer 360 has failed because of unhealthy data — data that's inaccurate, hard to access, and difficult to transform.

How to achieve data governance for financial institutions

The increasing focus on privacy and data-related regulations makes strategic data governance a key asset for all organisations, particularly the data-rich financial services sector. Financial institutions must have a robust data strategy to navigate data protection regulations, such as GDPR in Europe, the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Singapore and Thailand, to remain successful in the regions where they operate and avoid implications arising from noncompliance.

Balancing data sharing and compliance is hard - but it doesn't have to be

If there is a single most delicate aspect to the balance of data sharing and compliance, it lies in the process of creating a single source of truth. This project involves many departments across the company: sales, customer support, and of course, IT. The more stakeholders are involved, the more project's complexity rises, as it contains different objectives from different parties.


5 steps to master the data governance maturity curve

Data governance was an exclusive set of skills and tools based on old-school rules until a few years ago. Today, that's changed. While people who manage data still need tools, rules, and protocols to control and secure data use and sharing, three major trends have transformed the data ecosystem. First, the explosion of data from many nontraditional sources (personal devices, sensors, social data, etc.) provided businesses with massive and unprecedented information to dig for insight.

Take control of your data consumption spend without killing your innovation

In this 5 minute video Talend customer Aurizon shows how they take control of their consumption costs with data requirements running 24/7, how they are enabled to continue to innovate without the need to ask for more budget and how to design a foundation for data and analytics with healthy data that delivers business outcomes.

Geodis elevates customer experience using Talend Change Data Capture (CDC)

GEODIS Distribution & Express, a subsidiary of GEODIS, is the leader in France for reliable last-mile delivery service (deliveries within 24 to 48 hours). In 2020 alone, its 115 agencies handled 100 million parcels and carried out 5,000 rounds per day in more than 35 countries across Europe. Nathalie Mandjee, Business Intelligence Manager at GEODIS Distribution & Express, discovered that this part of the company was growing into a profit center for the larger business.


Agility in action: introducing Talend Change Data Capture (CDC)

Data volumes are increasing exponentially with no sign of slowing. Experts predict that by 2025, the global volume of data will reach 181 zettabytes — that’s more than four times pre-COVID levels in 2019. Data analysts at Centogene agree: “Every mouse click, keyboard button press, swipe or tap is used to shape business decisions. Everything is about data these days - data is information, and information is power.”

Demo - Exploiting a data fabric to drive data literacy and data democratisation

Join Talend experts to learn how to drive data literacy and adoption throughout your organisation with a seamless data fabric. Discover how to balance collaboration, ease of use and governance to deliver trusted data insights and outcomes at the speed of the business.