k6 Office Hours

k6 Office Hours

Feb 6, 2021

Welcome to the first k6 Office Hours! We are Simme Aronsson and Nicole van der Hoeven, Developer Advocates at k6. On this stream, we'll be talking about all things k6 and answering questions from the community.

0:00 Intro
2:00 Database integrations for k6
3:26 New v0.30 release
10:14 Wait, what's k6 anyway?
19:10 PFX certificates in k6
24:00 How to parse form-data in k6
33:31 External module import problem
38:16 Training segment in k6 cloud
45:05 Backgrounds on the k6 team
1:00:03 Why virtual users is an ambiguous way to measure throughput

Questions from the community forum that we answered in this video:

PFX certificates: https://community.k6.io/t/wcf-soap-api-using-k6/266
How to parse form-data in k6: https://community.k6.io/t/how-to-parse-form-data-format-to-k6/762
External module import problem: https://community.k6.io/t/external-module-import-problem/983
What is a training segment in k6 cloud?: https://community.k6.io/t/what-is-a-training-segment/25