Katalon Introduction - A Complete Automated Testing Solution

Katalon Introduction - A Complete Automated Testing Solution

Apr 4, 2019

A quick introduction to Katalon (https://www.katalon.com) — a robust and comprehensive solution for your test automation projects. Katalon Studio enhances Selenium and Appium with a complete test automation framework that let you start automation testing on web and mobile in no time.

Katalon's product line includes Katalon Studio, Katalon Recorder, Katalon Analytics, and Katalon Store. You can design, plan and execute tests using Katalon Studio and Katalon Recorder; run your scripts on cloud infrastructure; and manage reports and insights on Katalon Analytics—powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Katalon's continuous platform fits in the modern CI/CD ecosystems natively, with integration to a variety of software and solutions, such as qTest, JIRA, Slack, Docker, Jenkins, Bamboo, JMeter, JUnit, Cucumber, and more.

Katalon Studio (https://www.katalon.com/api-testing/)

Katalon Studio offers an end-to-end solution for Web, API, and mobile test automation.

Powerful data-driven testing makes simple. Katalon Studio supports multiple data sources and databases with dynamic mapping to maximize test coverage.

Deployment becomes easier with Docker containers and CLI, which can be triggered manually and automatically. The execution can be deployed both locally, and in the cloud.

Katalon Studio provides a comprehensive BDD solution with native Gherkin editor, compliance with Cucumber, and full integration with the tools that you’re already using.

The manual and scripting options make Katalon Studio easy to use for both beginners and experienced users.

Teamwork gets more transparent. Katalon Studio allows team members to collaborate together and on the same test repository, analyze projects execution reports using Katalon Analytics. Everyone, from testers, developers to Project managers can work effectively to deliver the best product.

Moreover, it is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and many other environments—making it a popular automation testing choice for hundreds of thousands of Quality Assurance engineers.

Katalon Analytics (https://www.katalon.com/katalon-analytics/)

Katalon Analytics helps your team manage thousands of test execution logs easily. Detect flaky tests, eliminate failed positives and highlight the real critical issues.

Intelligent analytics helps your business optimize automation strategies, reduce run cycles and deploy faster.

Execute tests on the cloud. Integrate with JIRA to combine and share your entire test results with your teams and clients for better communication and better management.

Get real-time updates with our instant dashboards and quickly respond to defects, so your business can achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Katalon Store (https://store.katalon.com)

Katalon Store is a collaborative marketplace to install add-on products, also known as ‘plugins,’ to extend the features and capabilities in Katalon Studio. You can install, manage, rate and write reviews for plugins. These plugins were built to meet users' requests looking to improve their projects' automation efficiency or meet specific and businesses needs.

In addition, users can also build their own plugins, share useful custom keywords, or even commercialize them to address the market demands. Refer to Store Developer guides