Marketing and advertising data extraction made easy

Marketing and advertising data extraction made easy

Apr 13, 2023

Watch this video for a brief explanation of how to get all your ad campaign analytics data out of your ad platforms and see it all in one place without any coding, API extraction, or manually compiling data.

Stitch partners with the most common ad platforms to help move your data from sources like Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Facebook Ads including Instagram, TikTok for Business, Snapchat Ads, Adroll, Microisoft Bing Ads, and more into any data warehouse or data lake.

Stitch makes ETL (extract, transform, load) so simple. Impress your executive team by addressing your most important marketing needs, and save your data engineers So much time! Thats assuming you even have any data engineers, its ok if you don’t. You don’t need them when Stitch handles data extraction and replication for you.

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