Mastering Load & Performance Testing - A Must for SDETs | Sahil Puri | #softwaretesting #sdet

Mastering Load & Performance Testing - A Must for SDETs | Sahil Puri | #softwaretesting #sdet

In this enlightening video, Sahil Puri delves into a critical aspect of software testing: why Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) should actively contribute to load testing and performance testing efforts. Sahil provides compelling insights and arguments for the vital role SDETs play in ensuring the performance and scalability of software applications.

With a focus on the importance of a collaborative approach, Sahil discusses how SDETs can leverage their expertise in test automation and scripting to enhance load-testing procedures. He emphasizes the benefits of this synergy, which not only ensures smoother testing processes but also results in more robust and high-performing software applications.

Whether you're an SDET, tester, developer, or someone intrigued by the intersection of testing and performance, this video offers valuable insights into the symbiotic relationship between testing and performance optimization. Sahil's expertise and persuasive arguments will inspire you to recognize the valuable contributions SDETs can make to load and performance testing.

About Speaker:
Sahil Puri is a software engineer with around 9.5 years of rich experience in testing and quality engineering. Over the years, he has developed a passion for delivering the best user experience & quality. Currently working as an EM (SDET Manager) at Zupee, he is building and leading a team of supercool & passionate engineers while developing.

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