Mobile App Testing Automation with Hanson Ho

Mobile App Testing Automation with Hanson Ho

What language and code should developers rely on from top to bottom? What are the obstacles to developing different mobile devices? Learn all of this and more in this incredible episode of Test Case Scenario! Hanson Ho, Android Architect at Embrace shares his knowledge of mobile testing and development. Panelists Jason Baum, Evelyn Coleman, and Marcus Merrell interrogate for high-demand answers in mobile testing, testing pain points, and mobile development best practices.

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0:00 - Intro

2:08 - Why should mobile developers care about test automation? Why DON’T they care?

5:20 - ROI on learning automated testing as a skill for mobile devs

7:52 - Why mobile testing is important

13:28 - What made you decide to do test automation?

15:19 - Best practices for mobile testing

18:30 - Which language should developers use in designing the automation?

20:50 - Where does screenshot testing fit into mobile testing?

23:16 - How Android testing differs from iOS testing and web testing

29:15 - Challenges of shipping mobile SDKs