Performance testing tool feature requests (k6 Office Hours)

Performance testing tool feature requests (k6 Office Hours)

May 8, 2021

What features do testers and users REALLY want from a performance testing tool like k6? Our head of customer success, Mark Meier, discusses the most requested features from customers, and we see what CEO Robin Gustafsson has to say about them.

k6 Office Hours is a weekly livestream hosted by Nicole van der Hoeven and Simon Aronsson to talk about performance and reliability testing, best practices, and all things k6.

0:00 Introduction
2:34 Test data store and unique data
15:42 Easier test creation, Postman collections
22:34 Raw data
27:10 Chaos engineering in k6
32:20 Sharing memory between setup/teardown and main
36:03 Front-end performance testing in k6
38:25 Enhanced cloud analytics and performance insights
42:37 Thresholds related to comparisons to baselines
45:22 Pulling k6 script from GitHub repo
52:30 Uploading data to k6
57:06 On-premise hosting and execution of k6

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