Remote work and Mobile DevOps with Joe Birch | Mobile DevOps is a Thing! Podcast

Remote work and Mobile DevOps with Joe Birch | Mobile DevOps is a Thing! Podcast

Mar 8, 2022

Joe Birch is a Senior Engineer at Buffer, a Google Developer Expert, builder of, and the creator of ChordAssist, the accessible smart guitar for the blind, deaf, and mute. His experience in working from home at Buffer — an entirely remote company — and his work in the developer community give him a unique perspective on today’s changing work climate and its challenges.

For those of you feeling a bit stuck having to work from home, there are many tips and tricks in this episode about how to adapt to the new environment. Among many other topics, you’ll hear about what tools he uses for async communication, how they collaborate at Buffer, and which online courses he recommends. We also talked about some of the pain points of developing mobile apps — especially for Android — and how Mobile DevOps fits into the picture.

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0:00 - 11:30 Introduction

11:30 - 13:19 Remote work

13:19 - 16:18 Tools for async communication

16:18 - 16:30 How collaboration works at Buffer

16:30 - 19:44 Collaboration techniques

19:44 - 21:20 Remote onboarding

21:20 - 24:23 Learning

24:23 - 26:52 What does Mobile DevOps means for Joe?

26:52 - 30:10 What makes mobile development difficult?

30:10 - 33:40 Specific challenges to Android

33:40 - 34:30 Do you need a DevOps engineer?

34:30 - 38:00 Mobile DevOps

38:00 - 40:10 The future of Mobile DevOps

40:10 - 41:00 Monitoring

41:00 - 44:30 Online courses

44:30 - 45:25 Advice for newcomers to the mobile world

45:25 - 48:56 Advice for people suddenly working remotely

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