Robust Coverage with Right Test Data | Need, Challenges, & Benefits | Ashok Kumar | TestFlix 2023 |

Robust Coverage with Right Test Data | Need, Challenges, & Benefits | Ashok Kumar | TestFlix 2023 |

Discover the pivotal role of test data in achieving robust test coverage with Ashok Kumar in this insightful talk. Access to high-quality test data is crucial for the success of any testing function, and Ashok elaborates on the challenges and solutions for efficient test data management, particularly in distributed agile teams.

In an agile world, rapid and automated handling of test data is essential. Ashok shares the experiences of his team, who faced the daunting task of creating a large volume of data at short intervals for multiple teams in a complex agile environment. The absence of an effective data management solution resulted in erroneous test results due to data cross-contamination and duplication. They decided to build a solution that automated data creation from multiple sources, offering seamless access to both internal teams and external partners.

Watch this talk to gain insights into the need for test data and its various types, the unique challenges of managing test data in distributed agile teams, and a practical approach to provisioning, reusing, and reserving data across teams. Discover the transformative benefits of this data management approach, which has led to increased velocity, happier teams, reduced test result noise, and more confident production releases. If you're interested in test data and its role in test coverage, this talk is a must-watch.

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This video is of one of the Talks presented at #TestFlix - Biggest Virtual Software #Testing Conference, 2023.

About Speaker:
Ashok Kumar is the head of Quality Assurance & Engineering for Transunion Africa. In this position, he leads Testing and Quality Assurance for the Africa region which enables Transunion to roll out innovative credit bureau solutions to our African customers at scale and with high quality. Ashok works with multiple agile teams within the company and coaches them on the quality mindset. Ashok has nearly 2 decades of experience in the testing domain across multiple industries such as financial services, retail, & credit bureau.

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