S1.E2: Unshifted performance testing | QA Therapy Podcast

S1.E2: Unshifted performance testing | QA Therapy Podcast

May 14, 2024

Are unexpected performance issues popping up post-launch? 🚀
Does success bring with it sudden, major performance hurdles?

💥 In this exciting episode, we're diving into the world of performance testing with our special guest, Leandro Melendez, also known as Sr. Performo! Leandro, a renowned performance advocate and active member of the testing community, shares his insights and expertise.

Did you know that Xray can help you manage performance tests seamlessly? Whether you're utilizing JMeter, k6, or a similar tool, Xray allows you to define objectives within these tools and link them to tests, ensuring you stay on track with your performance goals. 📊

Explore more performance testing tutorials in our documentation: https://hubs.li/Q01qB3QP0 📚

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