Take your API from Postman to Production

Take your API from Postman to Production

Sep 1, 2022

Quickly develop and deploy an API using Postman and Linx.

Postman is an API collaboration platform that is really good at the design and testing of APIs and the workflow around it.

Linx is a low-code development platform that gives you a quick and easy way to develop and host APIs.

Both can be used to generate and host API documentation.

Take an API from design to production with a guided tutorial based on this video here: https://linx.software/postman-to-production/

The full guide can be read here: Guide: https://linx.software/guide-postman-to-production/


00:00 Introduction - Postman and Linx

00:28 API we are going to build

01:14 The OpenAPI Spec in Postman

02:36 Introduction To Linx

03:30 Start API Development

04:55 Testing the API with Postman

06:09 Adding Logic

09:53 Testing and Debugging the API

10:16 Deploying the API

12:37 Viewing the Hosted Documentation

13:05 Testing the Hosted API

14:19 Monitoring and Logging of the API

For more information on low-code application development, visit https://linx.software

Linx homepage: https://linx.software/​​
Download registration: https://linx.software/postman-to-production/
Documentation: https://linx.software/docs/6/getstarted/overview/
Community: https://community.linx.software/community

Twitter: @LinxCode
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/products/twenty57-linx/
GitHub: https://github.com/linx-software/Postman_to_Production