Test Cast Scenario: Live for the Holidays!

Test Cast Scenario: Live for the Holidays!

What is exploratory testing, really? IS there a right way to do exploratory testing? How has AI impacted the field of exploratory testing?

On this very special holiday episode, the incredible Maaret Pyhäjärvi joins our panelists, Jason Baum, Marcus Merrell, Evelyn Coleman and Nikolay Advolodkinn to talk about exploratory testing and answer questions from the viewers! Watch the playback of our live episode right here and get invaluable insights on testing from the legend herself.

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0:00 - Intro

4:35 - What is exploratory testing?

5:40 - Who gets the results from exploratory testing?

7:40 - Do people want to use software or get the job done?

10:23 - Is there a proper process for doing exploratory testing?

14:07 - Do you find similar things that come up that caused the fact that automation didn’t catch it in the first place?

18:10 - What is the best way to get the drivers in the festive season from PST? (Viewer Question)

20:32 - What is the best way to get a job with less stress? (Viewer Question)

25:56 - Where can you start as a mobile developer? (Viewer Question)

32:06 - Who are the best stakeholders for doing exploratory testing other than QA, SDET? (Viewer Question)

41:10 - How has exploratory testing changed through the years?

42:59 - What is the impact of AI on exploratory testing?

46:44 - What’s your favorite country you’ve ever visited?

49:10 - What are key areas to focus on while doing exploratory testing once you are done regression testing and you want to certify release? (Viewer Question)

55:35 - Any particular tools to use for effective exploratory testing? (Viewer Question)