Test Failure Rate: What, Why and How to track | Bitrise Insights

Test Failure Rate: What, Why and How to track | Bitrise Insights

Mar 8, 2023

Test Failure Rate

In this video, Co-founder and CTO Viktor Benei, explains test failure rate and why tracking frequently failing mobile tests is crucial for identifying areas of improvement. Bitrise Insights can help teams track and analyze their mobile app's test failure rate and identify the most frequently failing tests. By doing so, teams can improve their testing process, minimize time spent on resolving test failures, and increase overall efficiency and productivity.

If you prefer to read this content you can find the text version of it here: https://devcenter.bitrise.io/en/insights/insights-tutorials/tracking-test-failure-rate.html


0:00 Introduction to Test Failure Rate: What, Why and How to track | Bitrise Insights

0:17 In this episode

0:29 Why is it important to track frequently failing tests?

1:10 When test failure rate is high

1:28 The benefits of tracking and analyzing frequently failing tests

2:12 How to track frequently failing tests on Bitrise Insights

2:22 Where to find the most frequently failing apps, and builds

2:38 How to read the charts in Bitrise Insights

3:29 An example

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