[Webinar] Advance Your Test Automation Skills with Katalon Certifications

[Webinar] Advance Your Test Automation Skills with Katalon Certifications

Apr 12, 2024

Over the past year, the Katalon Certification Program has been a game-changer for QA professionals worldwide to advance their test automation skills and unlock new opportunities. Thousands have harnessed its power to gain hands-on experience, validate their expertise, and use the Katalon Platform effectively for daily operations.

In this webinar, we will discuss how you can leverage the Katalon Certification Program to accelerate your success in test automation. Here is what we’re going to cover:

  • Shorten the learning curve and advance your skills in test automation at your own pace
  • Hear real-life success stories from peers who have experienced the transformative impact of Katalon certifications
  • Learn the simple process of getting started with the Katalon Certification Program
  • Receive tips and tricks to get certified

Join the Katalon Certification Program for free: https://academy.katalon.com/certifications/
Join the Katalon Community to ask questions and interact with peers: https://forum.katalon.com/

Katalon is a modern and comprehensive software quality management platform. Designed to help software teams test and deliver quality digital products faster, the Katalon Platform comes with ready-to-use capabilities to plan, author, organize, execute, and analyze automated tests.
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