What Does the Future of #SoftwareTesting Look Like? | Rahul Verma | #AutomationTesting #TechTalks

What Does the Future of #SoftwareTesting Look Like? | Rahul Verma | #AutomationTesting #TechTalks

Dive into the dynamic future of software testing alongside Rahul Verma in this insightful video. As the landscape of technology evolves, Rahul addresses crucial questions surrounding the role of AI in testing and its potential impact on testers' jobs. Gain valuable strategies on upskilling in a rapidly changing environment without feeling overwhelmed.

Rahul doesn't just stop there; he delves into a curated list of must-read books for testers, providing a comprehensive guide for continuous learning. Discover actionable insights on adapting to the shifting ecosystem and enhancing your efficiency in the exciting realm of software testing.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring tester, this talk equips you with the knowledge and strategies to thrive in the future of testing.

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About Speaker:
Rahul is a Consulting Tester and Coach with an experience of 20+ years of experiments. He works with Trendig, a German company specializing in this space, and is also known to be the force behind the renowned Agile Testing Days conference. He has presented, conducted workshops, and published articles on a wide range of subjects related to Quality in various conferences and forums, internationally. As a coach, he has trained hundreds of professionals on Quality from a pluralistic standpoint.

Connect with Rahul on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rahul-verma-india/

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00:00-02:25 - Introduction

02:30-18:26 - How will the role of Testing evolve and Will AI lead to job loss in testing?

18:28-24:06 - What is Cheap Automation?

24:10-33:05 - What Skills are essential for Testers with AI advancements?

33:38-42:00 - How can Testers be more efficient with changing ecosystem?

42:05-50:50 - How will the rise of no-code & low-code platforms effect the role of testers?

51:08-56:01 - Should SDETs have knowledge of DevOps Tools?

56:08-01:00:57 - With responsibilities merging, how can Testers identify themselves and be ready for future?
01:01:03-01:05:40 How to embrace the mindset of Continuous Learning?
01:05:54-01:11:20 - Everyone should own quality, Rahul shares his thoughts
01:11:22-01:17:35 - How can Testers decide what to learn?
01:17:40-01:19:50 - Pathway to landing a Job as a Tester
01:20:00-01:25:50 - Are Testers who aren't part of communities or social media at a risk?
01:25:57-01:35:10 - Book recommendations for Software Testers