What is Perforce Helix Core?

What is Perforce Helix Core?

Nov 11, 2022

What is Perforce Helix Core? Helix Core is the leading version control system for teams who need to accelerate innovation at scale.

Use Helix Core to:

  • Store every digital asset in one place — including code, video, large binary files, IPs, and more. Helix Core gives the entire team, from designers to developers, quick access to the latest version of the file they need.
  • Scale endlessly — It’s the foundation your team will never outgrow. Helix Core was built to handle tens of thousands of developers and creatives, tens of millions of daily transactions, and petabytes of data. And it can handle 10,000+ concurrent commits without slowing down.
  • Collaborate securely and efficiently — Global teams and external partners get only the information they need. Permissions can be set all the way down to a single file and IP address. Multiple teams and people can contribute to a single project without overwriting, breaking, or duplicating each other’s work.
  • Version without reinventing your workflows —Helix Core versions in the background. It integrates with the tools your team already uses – like Unreal Engine, Jenkins, Photoshop, and Maya, just to name a few.

Learn more about Perforce Helix Core here: https://bit.ly/3A6povT

Get Helix Core free for your team: https://bit.ly/3th27Uc