Why You Need Version Control for 3D Art Creation & Virtual Production - Perforce U

Why You Need Version Control for 3D Art Creation & Virtual Production - Perforce U

May 19, 2023

In this clip from course 7 of Perforce U, learn about the basic workflows involved in 3D art creation and virtual production. Version control is a necessity for VFX artists and designers working across Unreal Engine and digital content creation tools (DCCs) such as Blender, Maya, and Photoshop. See how tools like Helix Core and Helix DAM can work together to help you collaborate on the 3D art files used in your pre-vis and virtual production projects.

Course 7 of Perforce U College of Virtual Production, “Artist Virtual Production Workflows,” also covers:

  • Getting started with Helix Sync (the drag and drop version control client for Perforce Helix Core)
  • Integrating Helix Core with commonly used virtual asset creation programs like Photoshop and Maya
  • Getting started with Helix DAM (digital asset management by Perforce)
  • And more.

This video clip is provided as a preview of our Perforce U College of Virtual Production training.

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