[Women in Test] Ep.04 | Navigating the Path to Recognition

[Women in Test] Ep.04 | Navigating the Path to Recognition

May 8, 2024

Join Nicola on a journey through the world of software testing as she shares her personal experiences and insights. From overcoming industry uncertainties to empowering women in tech, this video covers essential topics such as career control, recognition, networking strategies, and battling imposter syndrome. Packed with valuable advice and reflections, Nicola's story is a must-watch for anyone navigating the dynamic landscape of software testing.

What we will cover:

0:00 Nicola’s journey into software testing

6:33 Navigating uncertainty in tech

8:50 Seizing career control and advocating for women in tech

13:59 Importance of recognition for women, including at events

20:06 Networking, up-skilling, and mentorship strategies

27:27 Confronting imposter syndrome in tech

37:00 Episode recap

39:00 Nicola’s advice for women in software testing