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August 2020


Migration Supporting Real-Time Analytics for Customer Experience Management

Service Management Group (SMG) offers an easy-to-use experience management (XM) platform that combines end-to-end customer and employee experience management software with hands-on professional services to deliver actionable insights and help brands get smarter about their customers. The XM platform, smg360, helps customers across verticals, including restaurants, retail, and healthcare, drive changes that boost loyalty and improve business outcomes.


Streaming Analytics in the Real World

From leading banks, and insurance organizations to some of the largest telcos, manufacturers, retailers, healthcare and pharma, organizations across diverse verticals lead the way with real-time data and streaming analytics. These businesses use data-fueled insights to enhance the customer experience, reduce costs, and increase revenues. And Cloudera is at the heart of enabling these real-time data driven transformations.

Faster Application Development with Cloudera Operational Database (COD) Demo Highlight

IT is no longer relegated to the IT group. Lines of business are building new business applications that can drive their business’s top and/or bottom lines. These applications are increasingly stateless -- meaning that they rely on their underlying operational database to manage their state and work with IT to build, deploy and manage the database infrastructure. The application development lifecycle is accelerating with the broad adoption of cloud and the rise of dbPaaS where the database is fully managed and self-optimizes for the applications. In this session, we will show you how the Cloudera Operational Database offers an accelerated on-ramp to app development by offering a modern multi-model database that eliminates infrastructure management.

The Future Of The Telco Industry And Impact Of 5G & IoT - Part II

In part 2 of the series focusing on the impact of evolving technology on the telecom industry, we sat down with Vijay Raja, Director of Industry & Solutions Marketing at Cloudera to get his views on how the sector is changing and where it goes next. Hi Vijay, thank you so much for joining us again. To continue where we left off, as industry players continue to shift toward a more 5G centric network, how is 5G impacting the industry from a data perspective?


Connect the Data Lifecycle: The power of data

There’s no doubt that cloud has become ubiquitous, and thank goodness for that in 2020. We wouldn’t have survived the challenges of this year without cloud. It’s supported everything, from the sudden changes in the way we work to the way we access healthcare and even shop for vital goods. While cloud is the vehicle, it’s what sits on it that makes it so valuable — data.


Certified technical partner solutions help customers succeed with Cloudera Data Platform

On August 18, we completed our Enterprise Data Cloud vision of bringing a truly hybrid cloud experience with the general availability of Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud (CDP Private Cloud). CDP Private Cloud, which is based on Kubernetes (RedHat OpenShift), extends cloud-native speed, simplicity and economics for the connected data lifecycle to the on-prem world, enabling IT to respond to business needs faster and deliver rock-solid service levels so people can be more productive with data.


The Advantages Of Live Data-Streaming In The Competitive Financial Services Sector (Part II)

Live data-streaming offers businesses exciting new opportunities to transform the way they operate, leveraging real-time insights to drive better decision making and enhance operational efficiency. To find out more about how live-streaming data might impact the financial services sector, I sat down for a chat with Dinesh Chandrasekhar, Head of Product Marketing in Cloudera’s data-in-motion Business Unit. If you missed Part 1 of our Q&A, you can catch-up on it here.


The Role Of Technology In A Changing Financial Services Sector Part II

Evaluating anomalies and unpredicted events like pandemics and ESG concerns In part II of the series, we sat down for an interview with Dr. Richard Harmon, Managing Director of Financial Services at Cloudera, to find out more about how the industry is adopting new technology. You can catch-up and read part 1 of the series, here. Thank you for joining us for part two of our discussion around data, analytics and machine learning within the Financial Service Sector Dr. Harmon.


Production ML Capabilities Now Available In CDSW 1.8

With only about 35% of machine learning models making into production in the enterprise (IDC), it’s no wonder that production machine learning has become one of the most important focus areas for data scientists and ML engineers alike. As you may remember, we recently announced a full set of MLOps capabilities in Cloudera Machine Learning, our cloud native machine learning tool for the cloud.


Dancing with Elephants in 5 Easy Steps

The Corner Office is pressing their direct reports across the company to “Move To The Cloud” to increase agility and reduce costs. And next to those legacy ERP, HCM, SCM and CRM systems, that mysterious elephant in the room – that “Big Data” platform running in the data center that is driving much of the company’s analytics and BI – looks like a great potential candidate.


The Advantages Of Live Data-Streaming In The Competitive Financial Services Sector (Part I)

Live data-streaming offers businesses exciting new opportunities to transform the way they operate, leveraging real-time insights to drive better decision making and enhance operational efficiency. To find out more about how live-streaming data might impact the sector I sat down for a chat with Dinesh Chandrasekhar, Head of Product Marketing in Cloudera’s data-in-motion Business Unit.

Automated Deployment of Apache Spark Jobs in Cloudera Data Engineering

In this video we're going to go over some more advanced features of the Cloudera Data Engineering Experience. Using some publicly accessible Paycheck Protection Data, you'll see how to automatically setup Spark jobs to deploy by using the CDE CLI, making development and deployment times much quicker and painless. We'll also take the development cycle through to the end and get some visualization of the finished reports using the aforementioned PPP data.

Data for Enterprise AI: at the very forefront of innovation

2020 may well go down as the year where what seems impossible today, did become possible tomorrow. It’s been a year filled with disruption and uncertainty. One day we were all going to the office, and the next we were working from home. Businesses had to literally switch operations, and enable better collaboration and access to data in an instant — while streamlining processes to accommodate a whole new way of doing things.


Using Cloudera Data Engineering to Analyze the Paycheck Protection Program Data

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is implemented by the US federal government to provide a direct incentive for businesses to keep their employees on the payroll, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. PPP assists qualified businesses retain their workforce as well as help pay for related business expenses. Data from the US Treasury website show which companies received PPP loans and how many jobs were retained. The US Treasury approved approximately one million PPP loans across the US.


Operational Database Performance Improvements in CDP Private Cloud 7 vs CDH5

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud is the most comprehensive on-premises platform for integrated analytics and data management. It combines the best of Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub and Hortonworks Data Platform Enterprise Plus, and brings the latest and greatest open source technologies for data management and analytics to the data center. With the latest version (7) of CDP Private Cloud, we’ve introduced a number of new features and enhancements.


The Future Of The Telco Industry And Impact Of 5G & IoT - Part 1

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are in the middle of a data-driven transformation. The current scale and pace of change in the Telecommunications sector is being driven by the rapid evolution of new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, advanced data analytics and edge computing. This is opening up new revenue opportunities, use cases and even the possibility for different types of business models within the sector, changing the way that CSPs operate.


Enabling Automated Issue Resolution through the use of conversational ML

The Cloudera Support Organization has always strived to not only provide solutions to our customers but to also deliver helpful knowledge. One of the primary sources of that knowledge comes from our Knowledge Articles. This content is created and curated by our knowledgeable Support Staff based on real-world experience coming from support cases. These Knowledge Articles have proven to be invaluable to our Support Staff over the years.


Apache Ozone Fault Injection Framework

One of the key challenges of building an enterprise-class robust scalable storage system is to validate the system under duress and failing system components. This includes, but is not limited to: failed networks, failed or failing disks, arbitrary delays in the network or IO path, network partitions, and unresponsive systems.


Data Security and Governance - not the lockdown businesses expect it to be

The current economic climate has meant a sudden and seismic step-change in how many of our customers operate. The recent shift to remote working has seen an increase in conversations around how data is managed, with many businesses needing to achieve democratic data access in order to derive value and improve efficiencies as we navigate the ‘new norm’. Toolsets and strategies have had to shift to ensure controlled access to data.


Factory Edge to Cloud Analytics- Three Fundamental Steps to Success

We recently Googled the manufacturing use case “predictive maintenance” and was astonished by the results there were 82 MILLION results returned. Next, we Googled “process optimization” and it yielded even more results – 302 MILLION. Clearly, these use cases are top of mind in today’s manufacturing landscape, considering digital transformation will deliver $11 Trillion USD in economic value by 2025.


Cloudera Data Warehouse on Azure Provides Fast, Cost-Effective and Highly Scalable Analytics

The Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service is a managed data warehouse that runs Cloudera’s powerful engines on a containerized architecture. It is part of the new Cloudera Data Platform, or CDP, which went live on Microsoft Azure earlier this year. The CDW service lets you meet SLAs, onboard new use cases with zero friction, and minimize cost. Today, we are pleased to announce the general availability of CDW on Microsoft Azure.


Harnessing Data in Motion for Government Agencies

Today’s public sector organizations and government agencies demand a new standard for communicating and sharing information. That includes data-rich content that moves through environments, networks and locales. From being stored, analyzed and shared, to quickly and effectively moving between environments, to spinning up in clusters and informing endless applications—data is more critical than ever.

Getting Started with Cloudera Data Engineering on CDP

In this video we go over the Cloudera Data Engineering Experience, a new way for data engineers to easily manage spark jobs in a production environment. We'll go over a few of the key features as well as a quick demo on how to launch your first simple python ETL spark job. You'll see how to schedule as well as analyze a job once the run is complete.

Cloud, big data analytics & AI are driving change in Finance

How Cloud Computing is evolving alongside Big Data, Analytics, and AI in Financial Services. New technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, big data, and prescriptive analytics are changing the way the Financial Services sector does business. With evolving tech comes both new opportunities as well as different risks, and companies within the space must innovate and embrace new ideas as shifting business conditions and changing consumer preferences dictate new norms.