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March 2022


Do Data Companies Need Chief Ethics Officers?

Sometimes it takes a billion-dollar mistake to bring the murkier side of data ethics into sharp focus. Equifax found this out to their own cost in 2017 when they failed to protect the data of almost 150 million users globally. The catastrophic breach was bad enough on its own — but Equifax waited three months to go public with the news. As the public furore rose to a crescendo, the credit organization dragged its feet on disclosing exactly what kind of information had been leaked.


Hybrid Data Cloud Success for State and Local Governments

State and local governments generate and store enormous amounts of data essential to their ability to deliver citizen services. But how can they capitalize on all of their data to become engines of growth and innovation, empowering and enhancing their ability to provide services and better serve their communities?

Future of Data Meetup (2022): Using Apache Iceberg for Multi-Function Analytics in the Cloud

Iceberg is a high-performance table format intended for large-scale analytics that ensures easy accessibility of data stored in multiple file formats common in the Hadoop ecosystem for different use cases common in the lakehouse architecture. During this meetup, we’ll assume you’ve never heard of Apache Iceberg and explain the basics: what problems the Apache Iceberg project is addressing, how iceberg works, what features iceberg tables offer and how you can put Iceberg to use in your own data projects that utilize Hive, Spark, or Impala.

How to Accelerate Value from Merger and Acquisition Strategies with Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented global economic landscape that is dominated by loose monetary policies, low borrowing costs and influx of capital in the equity markets. Against that backdrop, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activity has surged since 2021 as companies are trying to take advantage of the current environment and adapt to the new business realities shaped by the global pandemic.


One Line Away from your Data

Data Science tools, algorithms, and practices are rapidly evolving to solve business problems on an unprecedented scale. This makes data science one of the most exciting fields to be in. As exciting as it is, practitioners face their fair share of challenges. There are well-known barriers that slow down predictive modeling or application development. Finding the right data and getting access to it are two of the top pain points we hear from our customers.


Accelerate Agency Missions with Data in Motion

Data is the true currency of the digital age, and it plays an indispensable role in defining and accelerating the mission of Government agencies. Every level of government is awash in data (both structured and unstructured) that is perpetually in motion. It is constantly generated – and always growing in volume – by an ever-growing range of sources, from IoT sensors and other connected devices at the edge to web and social media to video and more.

5 Success Stories That Show the Value of Enterprise Public Cloud

In our Five Enterprise Public Cloud Use Cases That Make a Difference eBook, we detail the successes a handful of Cloudera customers have had with CDP. You can download the eBook to get the whole story on each of the five customers and their successes, but in the meantime we want to give you an overview of these success use cases. Use case #1: A biopharmaceutical company doubles its R&D productivity

New Features in Cloudera Streams Messaging for CDP Public Cloud 7.2.14

With the launch of CDP Public Cloud 7.2.14, Cloudera Streams Messaging for Data Hub deployments has gotten some powerful new features! In this release, the Streams Messaging templates in Data Hub will come with Apache Kafka 2.8 and Cruise Control 2.5 providing new core features and fixes. KConnect has been added and gains additional capabilities with new connectors and Stateless Apache NiFi capabilities which can run NiFi Flows as connectors.

Rush University Medical Center | How real-time data helps the fight against COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, Chicago-based Rush University Medical Center looked to data as a way to deal with the increasing volume of patients and to keep pace with fast and accurate diagnoses. Struggling against time and the data insights front line medical workers needed, Rush needed a solution that matched the speed and ferocity of the pandemic.

Memory Optimizations for Analytic Queries in Cloudera Data Warehouse

Apache Impala is used today by over 1,000 customers to power their analytics in on premise as well as cloud-based deployments. Large user communities of analysts and developers benefit from Impala’s fast query execution, helping them get their work done more effectively. For these users performance and concurrency are always top of mind.


Manage the Demand of Stress Testing in Financial Services

Risk management is a highly dynamic discipline these days. Stress testing is a particular area that has become even more important throughout the pandemic. Stress tests conducted by authorities such as the Federal Reserve Bank in the US are designed to keenly monitor the financial stability of the banking sector, especially during economic downturns such as those brought on by the pandemic.