Snowflake: 9 Ways Snowflake Simplifies DevOps for Data Apps

Snowflake: 9 Ways Snowflake Simplifies DevOps for Data Apps


The benefits of building a DevOps culture in software companies are clear. DevOps practices integrate once-siloed teams across the software development lifecycle, from Dev to QA to Ops, resulting in both faster innovation and improved product quality. As a result, most software development teams have deployed tools to enable DevOps practices across their workflow.

But actually doing DevOps for a database environment is difficult and has some unique challenges compared with doing DevOps for applications. If you’re struggling to get started with DevOps on Snowflake, you’re not alone!

This webinar will review how Snowflake Cloud Data Platform enables application developers to simplify their DevOps processes. It will review Snowflake’s key product capabilities that help with DevOps and briefly discuss the additional tools that Snowflake customers can use to complement their existing tool chain.

During this session we will cover how to:

  • Increase velocity with standard SQL
  • Use your preferred language and tools
  • Reduce schema change frequency with the VARIANT type
  • Instantly create any number of isolated environments
  • Rapidly seed preproduction environments with production data
  • Easily roll back changes with Time Travel (no more backups!)
  • Instantly resize (scale up) environments and without cost increases
  • Simplify data pipelines by using streams and tasks
  • Reduce the DevOps burden with near-zero maintenance