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Simplify Spatial Indexing with the Power of H3 - What the World Needs Now Is a Hexagonal Grid

Did you know that approximately two thirds of Snowflake customers capture the latitude and longitude of some business entity or event in their account? While latitude and longitude columns can often be used by BI tools and Python libraries to plot points on a map, or shade common administrative boundaries such as states, provinces and countries, companies can do so much more with this valuable geospatial data to perform complex analyses.

Marketplace Monetization: Turn Your Data and Apps into a Revenue Stream

Snowflake Marketplace is a vibrant resource, with hundreds of providers offering thousands of ready-to-try or ready-to-buy third-party data sets, applications and services. Many of these providers make their products available on Snowflake Marketplace for Snowflake customers to purchase — and they use our integrated Marketplace Monetization capabilities to simplify the process and speed up procurement and sales cycles.

Beyond the Buzz: Braze Equips Modern Marketers with Powerful AI Tools

A lot of the buzz around AI focuses on its future potential. And we get it — we’re talking about a transformative technology that presents seemingly limitless possibilities. But an important aspect of this world-changing tech story that gets lost in the hype is understanding exactly what AI solutions are available for you and your team to employ right now, today.

Simplify Application Development With Hybrid Tables

We previously announced Snowflake’s Unistore workload, which continues Snowflake’s legacy of breaking down data silos by uniting transactional and analytical data in a consistent and governed platform. Today, we are pleased to announce that Hybrid Tables — the core feature powering Unistore — is in public preview in select AWS regions. Hybrid Tables is a new table type that enables transactional use cases within Snowflake with fast, high-concurrency point operations.

Delivering Telecom Sustainability Targets Using Autonomous Networks

As the world grapples with the escalating climate crisis, many industries are re-examining their operations to identify and implement sustainable practices. The telecommunications industry is no exception. Telecom companies face growing pressure from consumers, investors and regulators to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve net-zero emissions. This shift towards sustainability aligns with environmental responsibility and presents lucrative business opportunities for telecoms.

Top 3 Data + AI Predictions for Retail and Consumer Goods in 2024

Nearly every facet of society has felt the impact of AI since it burst into the mainstream in late 2022 with the public launch of ChatGPT. In 2024, the retail and consumer goods industry is expected to experience massive upheaval due to the proliferation of generative AI (gen AI) tools as well as changes in customer engagement and the general manner in which products are now sold.

Snowflake's Data Classification Lets You Identify and Tag Sensitive Data Directly in Snowsight

At Snowflake, we believe in empowering our customers to harness the full potential of their data while maintaining robust compliance standards and safeguarding data privacy. We recognize the critical importance of quickly identifying and safeguarding sensitive data objects, and we consistently strive to provide solutions that help achieve these goals — from advancements such as classification and tag-based policies to the intuitive Data Governance UI.

Four Questions to Consider When Navigating the Rapid Evolution of Generative AI

Generative AI’s (gen AI) capabilities seemed startlingly novel a year ago, when ChatGPT’s release led to an explosion of public usage and, simultaneously, intense debate about its potential societal and business impacts. That period of initial amazement and suspicion has given way to business urgency, as companies scramble to adopt gen AI in ways that leverage its potential for maximizing workforce productivity and profitability.

Top 3 Data + AI Predictions for Manufacturing in 2024

Investment in AI for manufacturing is expected to grow by 57% by 2026. That’s hardly surprising — with AI’s ability to augment worker productivity, improve efficiency and drive innovation, its potential in manufacturing is vast. AI’s predictive capabilities can help manufacturing leaders anticipate market trends and make data-driven decisions, creating financial opportunities for suppliers as well as customers.