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Bluepi CEO Discusses Strategies for Implementing A Data-Driven Business Transformation

When companies begin the process of moving their data to the cloud, they enter a transformative business journey that can seem intimidating and overwhelming. That’s where BluePi Consulting comes in. With offices in India and Australia, BluePi has extensive experience helping companies make that journey to the cloud. In this episode of “Data Cloud Now,” host Gautam Srinivasan chats with Pronam Chatterjee, CEO of Bluepi, about the challenges of that journey, the strategies employed to navigate it successfully, and the critical role that Snowflake plays in making the journey as seamless and painless as possible.

"DCN" Special Report: Marketing Analytics

“Data Cloud Now” host Ryan Green travels the world, from New York to London, to speak with experts and end users about the ways in which data-driven marketing analytics is helping businesses expand their customer base, increase profitability, and enhance customer experience. The opportunity to use marketing analytics to realize such benefits is greater than it was even just two years ago, thanks to the explosion in readily available first-party, behavioral data and the rise of new data sharing and data analysis tools, which have grown more sophisticated, in part due to their use of AI and ML technologies.

The Role Data Will Play In Driving Future Growth In The Telecom Industry

What will it take for companies in the telecom industry to return to top-line growth? According to Karl Bjurstrom, EVP and Global Head of Tech & Telecom Industries at Capgemini Invent, it’s all about the data. Capgemini is a leading strategic partner to companies worldwide looking to effect a digital transformation of their businesses. In this episode of “Data Cloud Now,” host Ryan Green asks Bjurstrom for his insights on the challenges and opportunities for growth in the telecom industry.

Snowflake Workloads Explained: Data Lakes

Snowflake’s cross-cloud platform breaks down silos by supporting a variety of data types and storage patterns. Data engineers, data scientists, analysts, and developers across organizations can access governed structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data for a variety of workloads, without resource contention or concurrency issues.

The Snowflake Telecom Data Cloud

As Snowflake rolls out its new Telecom Data Cloud, “Data Cloud Now” host Ryan Green sits down with Phil Kippen, Global Head of Industry, Telecom, at Snowflake, to discuss what it all means for telecom service providers. During the interview, Kippen notes that the arrival of 5G creates new market opportunities but also new operational complexities for telecom service providers as they take on the task of rolling out new services and managing new infrastructure. He explains that the rollout of the Telecom Data Cloud will help companies achieve operational efficiencies by providing a single, unified platform across all domains and business functions within the telecom service provider environment and across all clouds. In addition, Snowflake will help service providers create a new marketplace that will enhance their ability to find new ways to monetize their data and applications and will help them work with partners across the telecom ecosystem to develop new opportunities for collaboration and data sharing.

Snowflake Snowpark Explained In Under 2 Minutes

Learn about Snowflake Snowpark. What if there was a way to enable your entire team to collaborate securely on the same data in a single platform that just works, regardless of language? Snowpark is here to help. Supercharge your data team to securely build scalable, optimized pipelines in your language. Quickly and efficiently execute machine learning workflows, with your choice of language, from Python to Scala and more. For more details visit:

How to List Your Product on Snowflake Marketplace | Demo for Providers

Accelerate the growth of your business by monetizing your data and apps in the Data Cloud while serving customers more effectively across clouds and without costly integrations or data pipelines. In this product demo, Snowflake's Lena Pennington shows you how to list your product on Snowflake Marketplace to reach thousands of organizations in the Data Cloud.

Getting Up to Speed on Snowpark for Python with Educational Services

In today's livestream, Evan Troyka and Melanie Klein will introduce the 1-day Snowpark DataFrame Programming course on Snowflake. This 1-day course covers concepts, features, and programming constructs intended for practitioners building DataFrame data solutions in Snowflake.

Learn How Snowflake's Own IT Department Built a Solution to Optimize Software Licenses

In this episode of “Data Cloud Now,” host Ryan Green sits down with Snowflake CIO and CDO Sunny Bedi to discuss how, in today’s uncertain economy, organizations use data and machine learning to maximize operational efficiency and control costs. Sunny and Ryan discuss how to use data and applications to optimize provisioning employees with the right technical resources and software. Snowflake itself has recently developed SnowPatrol — an internal application to analyze, predict, and optimize software spend.

BUILD Tel Aviv Panel: Bright Data and Discuss the Journey of Building Products on Snowflake

At Snowflake's biggest Data Cloud Developer Summit in Tel Aviv, lead Snowflake evangelist Eva Murray interviewed Or Lenchner, CEO of Bright Data, and Rotem Alaluf, CEO of, to get their thoughts about their experience as start-up companies building products on Snowflake. #Snowflake #DataCloud