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Snowflake Presents NetworkGenie: Revolutionizing Telecom with Generative AI

Exciting news from Snowflake! We're proud to introduce NetworkGenie, a revolutionary Generative AI tool set to transform telecom service and network management. With NetworkGenie, tackling complex telecom operations becomes a lot easier. This innovation, developed in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DigitalRoute, streamlines processes, accelerates troubleshooting, and enhances customer experience. Embrace the future with NetworkGenie, where efficiency and innovation meet to redefine telecommunications. Welcome to a smarter, more connected world.

Snowflake Snowday 2023 Highlights

"The most important aspect of what we do is we take complex technologies, complex problems, and make them easy....We have a number of interesting announcements about how the Data Cloud keeps getting more powerful and more exciting for everyone." With those words, Christian Kleinerman, Senior VP of Product, kicks off this video, which highlights some of the key news that came out of Snowday, including the introduction of Snowflake Horizon, Snowflake Cortex, and Snowflake Notebooks.

Using Propel To Accelerate The Process Of Creating Analytics For Web And Mobile Applications

In this episode of “Powered by Snowflake,” host Daniel Myers chats with Nico Acosta, CEO and Co-founder of Propel, about his company’s API platform that’s targeted at developers and engineering teams who build customer-facing analytics into web and mobile applications. This Connected Application makes it easy to use Snowflake data to drive SaaS dashboards, product usage analytics visualizations, intelligent application workflows, and more.

Snowflake And The Industry Solution Play Program.

The Snowflake Industry Solution Play Program is here and we want you to know all about it. Snowflake has developed a sales, marketing and technical program that allows our customers to harness the expertise of our Partner ecosystem and the Snowflake Data Cloud to transform how we do business today and into the future.

ServiceNow's Migration from SAP HANA to Snowflake

Join us to learn how ServiceNow, Forbes #1 in Most Innovative Companies 2022, is keeping up with data transformation at scale. ServiceNow has undergone a massive tech transformation to enable futuristic analytics capabilities for over 9,000 users every day. That's more than 50% of ServiceNow powered by data-driven decision-making! ServiceNow selected Snowflake as its data platform to power all analytics and underwent a complex data transformation from SAP HANA to Snowflake.

An Indepth Look At The Data.World Data Catalog And Governance Platform

Data.World Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Jon Loyens sits down with “Powered by Snowflake” guest host Felipe Hoffa to demonstrate his company’s data catalog and governance platform and explain how it helps increase data literacy, data collaboration, and data adoption across enterprises. The platform, which is the only one of its kind built directly on top of Snowflake, utilizes a highly extensible knowledge-graph architecture to eliminate data silos, share knowledge, and deliver on the promise of enterprise AI.

Unlocking Data Innovation: Morgan Stanley's Journey with Snowflake for Customer 360

Learn how Morgan Stanley is delivering the optimized and modern data experience for internal Morgan Stanley teams, as well as wealth customers. Key focuses include the approach that the technology team has taken to build a data platform with Snowflake and how that has translated to enabling data science and machine learning, data collaboration, and analytics workloads to drive core business outcomes. Topics include an overview of the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management data ecosystem and how Snowflake and key partners fit in, a deep dive into data science and machine learning and analytics workloads, and the key business use cases enabled by the technology.

Powering Better Decision and Policy Making Through Integrated Data

In this episode, Alex Izydorczyk, Founder at Cybersyn, shares his vision of how integrated data can help to power better decision and policy making, the need for better branding of alternative data, and how Cybersyn is focused on building out DaaS (data as a service) across all industries.

Snowflake Customer 360 For Organizations

In today’s highly competitive market, consumers are more likely to stick with brands and businesses that recognize their wants and needs. Achieving this level of personalization requires companies to have a 360-degree view of customers or Customer 360. Learn how the Snowflake Data Cloud helps companies activate data to improve customer experiences by powering Customer 360.