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SaaS in 60 - A Gift For You - New Layout Container

The Layout Container gives you new ways to create content and design dashboards in Qlik Analytics, our new layout container object. The layout container, part of the Qlik Analytics dashboard bundle, is a new object that enables free layout of charts, the ability to stack visualizations, combine charts into new visualizations, as well as multi-select and group objects for easier sizing, positioning and alignment.

Introducing the New Layout Container - Tips, Tricks and Nuances

The layout container is useful when you want to build a custom display containing multiple charts as a single unit. Unlike the container, which uses tabs to cycle through charts, the layout container is a space where you are free to customize your own layout of the charts in the layout container. As the layout container offers sheet-like arrangement of visualizations, you can functionally store multiple sheets within a sheet that can be expanded for more detail.

Amazon Bedrock Analytics Sources - Quick Demo (using Anthropic)

Amazon Bedrock is the name of the Amazon service that offers a single API to access foundation models provided by companies such as AI21, Amazon Titan, Anthropic and Cohere, from which you can build generative AI into your Qlik applications without writing any code. With generative AI, organizations can broaden insight and context while adding a variety of new and exciting capabilities directly in analytics apps, load scripts, and through app automations. The analytics connector constructs questions and our unique associative engine passes only relevant data related to those selections, in real-time, allowing users to get contextually relevant responses while minimizing cost and complexity. Automation connectors offer the ability for developers to send questions and receive responses and data sets as part of automation workflows.