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SaaS in 60 - Cyclic Group Dimensions

This week a new Dimension type for Master Item Dimensions is available, Cyclic groups. You all know that Master Items offer a centralized, reusable governed library of measures, expressions, visualizations and both single and drillable dimensions – now with Cyclic group defined dimensions – you can dynamically cycle through dimensions in every chart, at the same time using a click of a button or simple selection. Offering new ways to analyze data, save precious screen space and enable multiple use cases on a single chart.

How to Create a Collapsible Filter Panel - Do More with Qlik

In my last blog / video. I showed you how to easily create visual buttons to apply selections and change their visual selection state so they can appear enabled or disabled (selected, not-selected). In this video I'll show you how to setup a filter panel using buttons and the layout container to create a simple collapsible filter panel that is both esthetic and functional while also providing real estate for your dashboard objects.

How to Create Visual Button Selection States - Do More with Qlik

Ever wonder how those Qlik experts make those awesome interactive dashboards? It is easier than you think. Check out this video that quickly shows you how to create custom beautiful buttons to apply selections and visually represent an active or non-active selection state. Allowing users just another way to analyze data in a way that is easy and familiar.

Tabular Reporting for NPrinting Users - Do More with Qlik

Join Michael Tarallo, along with special guests Product Manager Andrew Kruger and Principal Platform Architect Johnny Poole, for part 2 of Qlik Tabular Reporting. In this session, the focus shifts to the migration path for NPrinting users, exploring available utilities, migration paths and best practices for a seamless transition.

Qlik AutoML Update - March 2024

Automated free text feature engineering uses sophisticated algorithms under the hood to allows far better prediction from free text fields. This complements the date feature engineering capability we released last year, which automatically parses dates into usable features. Organizations now have role-based access control for AutoML users. We’ve added two new user roles to support AutoML – experiment contributors and deployment contributors, which can be assigned to specific users or groups. With this, you can now control and limit access to AutoML to the right types of users.

#shorts - Tabular Reporting PDF Output Just Added #data #visualization #qlik #qliksense

Create dynamic tabular reports by combining the Qlik add-in for Microsoft Excel with report preparation features available within a Qlik Sense app. Deliver report output by email and to folders defined in Microsoft SharePoint connections. Reports can be in.xlsx or PDF format.

Technical Deep-dive - Unlock the Power of Data with AI, Machine Learning & Automation - Part 2

We delve into Generative AI capabilities, seamless application automation integration, and robust machine learning using AutoML. The webinar aims to unravel the behind-the-scenes magic that powers the application. Attendees can anticipate gaining valuable insights into the methodologies and technologies that contribute to enhanced predictability and data-driven decision-making.