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What's New in ThoughtSpot - 9.12.5 Cloud Release

ThoughtSpot Analytics Cloud 9.12.5 is now available! Ask questions about your business in natural language using the ThoughtSpot mobile app. Design visual data stories with customized font, background, header styling, and auto-fitting images. Forecast future trends with single-click time series forecasting in SpotIQ.

How to bridge the gap between humans and AI

In this episode, hear Sadie St. Lawrence’s thoughts on how to effectively leverage Generative AI at work by asking the right questions, and how the technology can help you to expand on your divergent thinking. There’s so much more to the future of work with Generative AI now at its core. Sadie shares where we’re headed, and how we can bridge the gap between humans and AI.

What's New in ThoughtSpot - 9.12 Cloud Release

ThoughtSpot Analytics Cloud 9.12 is now available! Drill, filter, customize charts, and verify formulas and SQL queries for AI answers without leaving the ThoughtSpot Sage experience Iteratively drill and auto-examine each attribute with SpotIQ Change Analysis for deeper insights Track your content's version history effortlessly using Git right within the ThoughtSpot UI.

From Reporting to Decision Science: Inside HP with Juergen

You’ve heard the term data science, but have you heard about decision science? Juergen Kallinger, VP of Data and Insights at HP, shares valuable insights and reflections from his 22-year journey at HP. In this episode, Juergen dives into HP’s pivotal shift from solely reporting, to the dynamic realm of decision science and how it’s aligned their data team.